Help with possible speaker upgrade

Thinking about a possible speaker upgrade. Current system is 552/ND555/NAP 300 /SL full loom/Naim Fraim, in a 25 X 17 foot room with vaulted ceiling.
My speakers are Focal Sopra-3.
The overall SQ is very good and I enjoy this system at almost every listening session.
I’m in the North East USA.
I have seen the almost universal accolades for the Kudos Titans in this forum and and would like to seriously consider. I’m told by Kudos/Tyler (only rep in the US) that the room is large enough for the 808s. I would also consider the comparably priced Wilson Sasha and perhaps a comparable Magico speaker.Demos in my home space would be very difficult to pull off. The Kudos dealer/distributor near Chicago carries both Kudos and Focal Sopra with Naim electronics and so I would be able to fly out and demo both with a head to head comparison in their room but with essentially my electronics.
Would that be adequate?
Has anyone here directly compared the 808s and the Wilson Sasha?
Any other speakers to consider or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I went from Focal 1038 be to Kudos Titan T88 (the predecessor of the 808). Not even close - better bass, much more organic sound, sweeter treble- best upgrade I ever made

Ps- I’m in US and bought them from Tyler
He was great to work with

I have not heard them, but I would also demo the new Dynaudio confidence line, which Tyler should have at some point.It might be worth waiting for him to get them in, so you can hear the Kudos ,Focal and Dynaudio on the same trip. I plan on doing the trip to Chicago when he has the Confidence 20’s, Kudos 505’s, and Borrenson Z01’s in, I am guessing it will be next year though.

Not in a direct comparison but, I have heard both the 808 and the Sasha on seperate occasions.
The 808’s are truly great but I only heard them on the end of a 500 system and also Statement.
The Sasha’s I heard on a system very similar to yours with a 552 and 300. Really beautiful.
I loved them both but I’m reasonably sure the Sasha’s need to be reasonably far out from any walls, whereas the 808 do not.
If at all possible go and listen to them both.
I thought that in the UK, the Wilson Sasha are almost double the price of the Kudos 808…

I really advise against buying expensive speakers without an in-home demo. Understandably, that is not always practical.

Tyler is great, and he’ll set up his room well for you, but his room probably is not much like your room. But if he can demo ‘your Sopras’ and then the Kudos, you’d at least get a good comparison. That could help.

I’ve become a huge Magico fan. I don’t know the price of those 808’s to know whether S5’s are more expensive. The S5Mk2’s are $38k. The S3’s are $28k. My A3’s were a bargain at $9800.

Goodwins near me sells Magico and Rockport. I’ve heard the Atria II’s ($26K) and thought they were quite nice. Rockport does a good job.

In the US you’ll get better value on something like Wilson or Magico than on a British speaker, just as US speakers cost an arm and a leg here. That said, some US speakers need an awful lot of power and Naim may not be the best match. On the other hand, the Naim / Kudos combination is tried and tested. I’d have thought that the Neat Ultimatum XL10 is well worth a look too. With any of these speakers I’d suggest that a move to a NAP 500 DR is a very good idea.

I’d also suggest that you arrange for a home audition of your chosen speaker. Distance is clearly an issue but it should be possible on some sort of sale or return arrangement. With speakers at that level, a trial of two to four weeks would be a really good idea. The speakers you try will need to be run in, or the home loan sufficiently long to enable you to assess them while knowing they are giving their best. I find auditioning speakers really really hard, so I wish you good luck!

Soon after the 808s were released, I heard them in a system almost identical to yours. The difference being that the source was an NDS. Kudos are masters of setting up demos that work really well with their speakers and Naim electronics, and this system sounded fantastic, despite being in a hotel for a hifi show.
Having said that, I have never heard a Focal speaker that I could live with, so you should, of course, listen carefully to see if they suit your tastes. Good luck.

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Thanks for all the valuable advice.Will let you all know if and when I make a change.

I know a few will disagree with me but I’ve heard a number of different Wilson speakers and in my opinion I don’t think they match Naim very well. I listened to a pair of Wilsons last week on a Naim 500 set up and was not particularly impressed. Can’t remember which Wilson’s they were but they cost 60K.
I have heard Wilson sound much better with Bryston.

That’s correct. Magicos need an awful lot of power generally. Q series need all power they can get (specially the old ones), the S series a bit more friendly, M better and the A series are the easiest to drive.

The universal accolades are for a reason, the Kudos Titan range is such a sweet spot for Naim amps.

I haven’t done the direct comparison but I have heard many pairs of Kudos Titans and Wilson Speakers, both are truly great speakers but I tend to agree with Dougiedanger, the Wilsons are not a perfect match for Naim amps. Wilsons prefer much bigger, more powerful amps like Krells, whereas Kudos Titans are just so well suited. Not surprising as Derek of Kudos uses Naim amps to sound his speakers.

As for Magico speakers, I have no great experience of them, I have heard a couple of pairs but never really understood the hype around them. I found them to be very dry and lacking in musicality and personally wouldn’t consider using them with Naim amps.

HH, makes a valid point about Neat Ultimatums XL10’s, as an ex Ultimatum MF9 user, I would say they are worthy of a listen.

As for me, having head many pairs of large speakers, I went for the Kudos 808’s, by far the best speaker, IMO of course:-)

I guess that a demo at home might be a challenge for you. I’ve heard the 808s and have always been very impressed and for a relatively large speaker they are room friendly.

Good luck.

I think a trip to Chicago will be my first step where I can compare the Titans vs the Sopra-3s back to back with essentially my electronics and take it from there.
I will do some research on availability of the Neat Ulitimatum XL10 as well @hungryhalibut and possibly the Dynaudio speakers @NO-QUARTER.
Again I’m grateful for the advice and for this wonderful forum.

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I don’t know where you are located, but evidently Park Avenue Audio in NYC carries the XL10, which is prominently feature on their website.

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