Help with putting together a Naim "system"

I’ve had both the ND5 XS 2/NAIT XS 2 - NDX 2/SN3. As ever with Naim you get what you pay for, otherwise what’s the point? You need to go listen to both sets at your dealership. I can sincerely assure you, with my hand on heart, there a big differences which accurately reflect both of their price points. Both pairings are great, it just depends on how far you’re willing to go…

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I am away next week but will book some demos as soon as I get back. Thanks for the pointers!

I totally agree with this. If you use online streaming AND have an in-home server, a cd player is totally redundant unless you have so many cd’s that you don’t want to rip them. I have such a system, and yes I buy a used cd maybe twice a year (something not on the streaming services that I really want). I rip it with my Apple usb cd drive to my Macbook with dbPoweramp, and then move it to my Roon server.

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