Help with setting up ND5 XS

Just purchased a ND5 XS (older model with screen) and struggling with set up and Naim manuals not helpful.
Which input on a Nait XS2 do you connect network player to
Also as regards Wi-Fi antennae I have screwed it in fully and rotated the elbow joint but it lies horizontally not vertically as shown on the Naim website
Any advice gratefully received

You can connect to any input, what other boxes do you have connected.
If no CD, connect to CD, or if the Nait has an HDD go with that

I’m not a wireless user, much prefer wired. But when I had it hooked up on a temporary set up for a day I had it on wireless & the antenna was set horizontal & it was OK. The wireless hub was only about 2 metres away I have to add.
I suspect it depends on the wireless hubs multiple antenna config, if its an ISP provided one they are normally set for any/all polarisation’s. If yours is one of those with external spikes, fiddle with those & see what works best.

Any line level input will work, so use whatever is spare.

I briefly used mine with the WiFi antenna horizontal until I got the the cable sorted. Can’t recall it making any difference going v or h. I preferred h as it looked neater from the front.

Thinking back, the antenna can rotate when screwed in anyway, but unless your WiFi is ropey it won’t make a difference.

Have connected to HDD socket and powered on
Have selected iradio on screen but it says no network even though antenna connected and internet is working?

Download the manual and follow the section about connecting to WiFi. It needs to know which network to connect to, and the password.

Now streamer seems have found internet but when iradio selected it says there are no stations

No stations, or no presets? Have you got the Naim app on your phone or tablet? You really need that to make life easier.

I am using the display screen
According to manual a list of stations should have downloaded automatically
Display says
Internet radio empty

Switch it off and then switch it back on again, so that it goes through the full startup process.

If that doesn’t populate the station list I’m done, it’s a couple of years since I had one.

I had some problems with the iradio too but I think it takes some time to initiate it because now they are there (did a factory default). Also had problems with WIFI when first setup but it seemed to stabilise after an hour or so. It’s a huge difference in details compared to my SN1 DAC.

We have big problems with iRadio (vTuner) today, see the thread on this.
Its most likely why you have this problem, best to wait until the thread says its all fixed

Thanks for the help and advice so far
It is nice to know there are people out there prepared to assist novices like me
The dealer was stumped and Naim’s help line is only for there modern equipment not like mine. To me a helpline should be for all of their products!

A reboot has worked!!
Now I just need to learn how to use the app, get Tidal and then learn how to rip Cds


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