Help with the Maximum Volume setting on Uniti Nova

Hi all,

I’m new here, just bought my first ever Naim product, the Uniti Nova and really enjoying it.

I have a question regarding the Maximum Volume setting.
I have set it to 70, but still I have no problem of setting the volume much higher on any input.

Is this setting broken? or there is something I don’t understand?


Hi Anton

I believe that that will be the max volume when you hit 100. It recalibrates the volume up to 70 as the Max.

Yes it’s a relative setting, the volume indicator always goes from 0 to 100, and the max volume setting determines how much % of the total output is available in that range.

You can easily test this. Just set it to something like 20, turn it up and you should hear it be much quieter than with your current 70 at the same setting.

Thanks guys.

Interesting approach, if that is the case I will set the maximum to a much lower number and check if indeed that is the case.

A follow up question, if I set an input to use the AV Fixed volume -> will the max volume setting still affect that input or will the AV Fixed volume override it?


The max volume setting applies to the total output of the amplifier, so it applies to all the inputs regardless of their individual settings.

I agree. Naim have changed the way digital max volume works between the 272, where it was a simple limit — the volume doesn’t change when the max is changed (if higher) — and the Uniti series where it’s proportional. I reckon both approaches have their merits, but mildly prefer the 272 version.


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OK, I have tested and indeed the volume became much lower when I have decreased the Maximum Volume setting from 70 to 20.

Thanks for the help and explanation.

Next test will be to check if it works with AV Fixed volume as well, I’ll play something using my AVR and see if changing the Max Volume effects it as well.

I think the older approach would feel a bit more practical to me, since with the Nova you never know what the total output is without checking the settings. This can be a bit confusing sometimes.

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I have set both main and headphone volume to 50. Makes the numerical conversion easier to do in your head, if that bothers you. Personally, I find it plenty loud enough and with the added benefit of knowing accidental max volume set by careless family members isn’t going to wreck my speakers.

I set 50 as well on Nova (and previously Atom).

The new way has a benefit, when interacting with e.g. AirPlay or Chromecast, when the streaming device controls the volume and don’t know about the “limiter” in the amplifier. This could lead to incompatible or funny behavior.
And especially mobile devices/apps (with their headphone outputs and small inbuilt speakers) have “no problem” going to 100 (and with an easy, maybe accidental slide), while many traditional amps where seldom used in their “higher ranges”.
So, marrying these worlds might require a compromise here and there.


I agree, there is no room for confusion with a simple limiter. would have saved me from reaching out and asking for help.

Hi guys,

I did the the test now with the AV Fixed Volume, and it does not seem to be affected by the Maximum Volume setting. I lowered it to 0 and there was no effect on the volume being played.

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