Help with UnitiServe and Track Recognition

I currently have a SuperUniti and a UnitiServe connected to Synology NAS all connected by Ethernet.
I have had issues with the UnitServe not recognising albums or mis-classifying them.
I have put through all of the software upgrades helped by Naim support (thank you) but there still appears to be an issue.
If I load a cd previously not recognised it shows the title correctly then vanishes.
I was wondering if I need to delete all the of the incorrectly classified or unrecognised cd’s before reloading them?
Not sure how you delete cd’s but it seems that this might be the solution.
I am still surprised how many cd’s are not recognised and wonder if I am doing something wrong - not sure how this could be but I am starting to loose the will to live in fixing this.
Any help would be very gratefully received.

So you have Firmware 1.7c on the Unitiserve?



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