Help with XS3

Hi, I would like to connect a second CD player to my XS3. Do somebody know if I can do so by using the tuner in jacks assuming that it will function like a aux ?
I know that SUB, PHONO and AV are specific. But what about TUNER ?
Thank you for your help.

Be fine it’s just a line input the amp won’t know the difference.


You can use any available input for a CD player with the exception of Phono which is only for turntables with MC cartridges.

However, you should be aware that Naim amps are grounded via the source, and a Naim streamer or CD player is designed to accommodate this. Non-Naim CD players may also suffice, depending on their design, but there should not be more than one grounded source connected, and multiple grounds may have a negative effect on sound quality. So you may find that it’s best to have only one CD player connected at a time.
This is not a safety issue, and nothing is going to explode if you connect multiple sources. Just something to be aware of that can sometimes be a factor if you want the best possible sound from your system.

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