Helpful comments and observations when installing update 4.8

This thread captures user comments about the updater, the process and any other observations that might be useful for others.

I have just performed the 4.8 update on an NDX using a Windows 10 computer and a USB to mini USB cable. Here are some observations that might be useful:

  1. If you need to install the USB to mini-USB driver you will get a zip file. Although windows lets you inspect the contents, clicking the installer does nothing and it fails silently, FIX: The fix is to make sure you unzip it to your hard drive
  2. There are two installers, CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe and CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe. The first one is the one to execute
  3. When you get to the device manager (1.0 Checking for correct driver installation) you have to have to cable plugged into the computer. (The instructions actually say this but I didn’t do it anyhow and you might have the same issue)
  4. When you click aimStreamerUpdater_4.8.0(14776.WE_EE_FE_EA)_Setup_Signed.exe it will refuse to run because it hasn’t been signed. This is not a fault, it’s just that somehow the step of digitally signing it has been skipped (perhaps after reading this that will be fixed?)
  5. For this whole thing to work both your computer and the streamer have to be on the same IP network.
  6. The installation starts when you reboot the streamer like it says and it runs fine until you get to the “Updating Streamer Code” and it then displays an error message and says “Use Naim App”. FIX: Don’t panic. Just wait. Eventually it gathers it’s wits and continues.
  7. After you run the update your Naim app on your iPad will be dead as a Mackerel. You have to kill it on the iPad and restart the app. When you try to use Tidal it will ask you for your username and password so make sure you know what it is.
  8. I don’t know if it’s me but I think it sounds better now (how about you?0
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Perhaps a merge with 4.8 update and sound quality?

I also had to change USB cable several times until the computer recognised the Streamer. They were the same brand but perhaps not data cables - just charging cables.

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