Here's an odd one?

Just ordered a specialist cable to connect a Linn tuner to the Naim amp.
Ordered cable from a company called design a cable.
Have now got an email confirming item shipped from a company called Moon phase studio, whose main business appears to be selling Calendars!!
Begs the question how specialist is the cable !!

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Should have some moon pixie dream weaver magic added, but you can only hear its effect at a certain time of the month.

I had something similar a while back, the e-mail said my garden products would be shipped from a hairdressing products wholesaler. The problem was they shared a courier service who provided service for many vendors & the courier provided the shipping notification.

Maybe it’s made in the shed :slight_smile:


I have a few cables from them. Good cables. E.g a 3.5 to din-5 cable.

Many members use Design a Cable ethernet cables for streaming and they are a well respected company. Your cable should be just fine.

Maybe they are specially designed to play DSoTM

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