Hi CAP benefits

I am considering purchasing a second hand HICAP power supply to match with my my NAC72 and NAP140 amplification. What are the benefits of this upgrade and will this change the sonic profile of my system? Also how would cable connections change ?

You can test this already without an hicap. Put the Nac 72 on top of the 140, listen an hour.

Then, move the Nac 72 away from the Nap 140 - elsewhere on the rack, preferably as far as possible.

You’ll notice that the music gets more transparent, the bass more controlled whilst the music continues to flow. It is also more relaxed, calmer.

Also, ensure you get either an serviced hicap, or accept that it has to be serviced. An unserviced hicap can make things worse.

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A Hicap - so long as it isn’t in need of a service - will bring dramatic improvements. Look in the manual for cabling arrangements but basically it’s Snaic 5 from Hicap socket 4 to 72, and Snaic 4 from Hicap socket 3 to 140.

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The Hicap should come with a SNAIC5. Otherwise, the black SNAIC 5 is a nice upgrade over the earlier grey type. You remove the link plug from the back of the NAC72, connect the banded end of the SNAIC5, with the other end connected to the Hicap. Then from the Hicap connect the SNAIC4 to the next door DIN4 and the other end to the NAP140. Obviously all of this should be done with the equipment unpowered. Only power up after all connections have been made.

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I have found a FLATCAP for good price recently serviced, would that work with my NAC72 / NAP 140 ? Thank you for the great information so far …

It will work but might not be such a big step up over the NAP140s own preamp supply. In my opinion, you really want a Hicap here as it’s so much better with a NAC72.

perfect feedback, thank you

I had a 32.5 with 72 boards and 140 some years ago and the difference a recently serviced hi-cap made was amazing. Much greater than I expected.

thank you most helpful…i am seeking a unit now…

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