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I recently added a Hi-Cap DR to my supernait (1) along with some Totem Tribe Towers. After two weeks of use I unplugged it along with the rest of the system while away. On coming back I reconnected and found that the naim logo light was not lit. BUT, it lighted up some three days later. I was again away this last week and again disconnected (there have been many thunderstorms in my vicinity lately). Again, on reconnecting to the mains the logo remained unlit. 36 h later the logo is now lit. My ear tells me there is no difference, but I wonder if there is some underlying problem. Or, whether the light does not come on until the unit has been plugged in for some time?? I have written to Naim but not received a response. I can’t find anything about this on the forum. I would be grateful for any information.

The logo light should come on as soon as you power up the unit. So I think it’s a faulty logo. Your dealer might be able to repair it for you. Or you could ignore the issue until you want the unit serviced for other reasons.

Dear David

Thank you. If it’s just the light, I can more than live with it, but if it reflects some underlying issue, then it’s a different matter. I have an original Nait that I was thinking of getting serviced, so maybe the two go together.

Rgds, Paul

If you disconnect the SNAICs from the Hicap (make sure all is powered down first) and just power up the Hicap with nothing connected, do you have the same issue?

Dear Richard

Thank you for the suggestion. It delivered an interesting and unexpected result.

I powered down, disconnected the SNAICs (which are NAIM SNAICs) and turned the Hi-Cap on: the logo light came on. I then turned the Hi-Cap off, and then on again (SNAICs still disconnected) and nothing – no power to anything. Turns out the mains fuse had flipped.

I then disconnected everything, flipped the switch fuse back on, reconnected the mains supply to the Supernait and Hi-Cap, reconnected the SNAICs and powered up. The logo light came on right away. Music plays, but I feel a little uncomfortable about this.

Rgds, Paul

It maybe a poor connection, may be a SNAIC fault, may be a mis-connection.

What is the system setup?

Supernait I, Hi-Cap DR, Linn Sondek, ND 5X streamer (via LAN cable), CD5x, Totem Tribe Towers. Each unit plugged into a separate socket (in a brand new house). There is also a MuSo streaming from a different LAN connection in the studio and in the study there is a UnitiCute (driving Totem Dream Catchers) streaming again from a further separate LAN. Yeah, the house hums and it’s so good not to have to turn thins down for neighbours.

I’m wondering whether the SNAICs were properly connected. I think the whole system is sounding better. And the logo light is on!

Yup, it may be a poor connection. Monitor it for a few days and let us know.

I am reading that this is the HiCap logo light not the Supernait logo light (see thread title) so I don’t see how this could be a bad SNAIC connection?



David, certainly I cannot see how a SNAIC connection should cause such a thing, but it could be a poor mains lead connection.

A faulty SNAIC though might cause issues. I’ve known a bad fake SNAIC to damage kit too. I asked about the rest of the kit as I wondered whether the Hicap was feeding the pre-amp as well as the supply from a power amp - that has been known to give some odd symptoms with wierd logo behaviour.

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Thank you all. I have an electrician coming in the morning and I will get the circuit checked. If that doesn’t right things, then back to Naim.

I’ve in the last few hours powered up and down the system and the lights are on each time. And no fuses blown.

All the connections are Naim.

In the mean time I had a two-year old come visit with his parents. The little f**ker poked the speaker cones in on my totem tribe towers. It was hard to laugh. But I can understand the temptation. The gentlest (and super controlled) suction with a Dyson variable speed vacuum popped them right back into place.

Jeez. Just what you bloody need.

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I have always kept the grills on my loudspeakers. And even though most of my grandchildren are well enough behaved to not cause a worry now, one isn’t and the cats are a law unto themselves! So the grills stay put.


I’m still in shock. I was explaining to the little chap’d Dad my problems with the logo light and saw the tike about to push one of the cones on the left tower and headed him off telling him and his dad that his life was not worth it. His dad this looked at me horrified pointing to the fact that the large cones on the right speaker were pushed in. Perhaps consoling is the fact that the cones are soft and the push was soft too. They popped right out with barely any “suck”.

But to a two-year old, the arrangement of the totem tower bass speakers definitely says “press me”. I do still have the covers. Next time small people come round…

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