Hi Cap DR next to Uniti Core

I have limited shelf space . I’m about to insert a NDAC into my system which will mean putting the HCDR next to the Uniti Core - would there be any issue with this in terms of interference etc.? Cheers

General advice is to put power supplies to the right, so HiCap to the right if you can, as that’s where Naim typically place their Transformers in the black box.


First, great to read you are adding an nDAC to your Core. That should be amazing. When you get going, please do share thoughts on what you hear.

Just beaten to explain that right side is best.

You might know that Naim use sizeable toroidal transformers in their PSU’s. Despite the metal cases, there will always be a “bloom” of electromagnetic field, that can induce a signal onto any low current or sensitive circuits nearby within a few inches. On the whole, the sensitive circuits are on the left and power supplies on the right. Allowing for some distance between the two half’s (of a full width item).

Another thought, the Core is mostly digital domain, so whilst the general rule would be to keep all PSU’s away from other (analogue) equipment, if you are unable to do that, it may be less critical with a Core. It might be good to hear from others with direct experience of this situation.

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Just to be clear, the transformer in a Hicap is not on the right. It pretty much fills the width of the box, if anything maybe slightly left of centre.
Given that the Hicap transformer is a bit larger than the one in the Core there might be an argument for putting the Hicap on the right given that any electromagnetic field coming from it might affect boxes above and below it more than to either side, a bit more than the Core would.

Personally I would not put a server on the HiFi rack at all as it only needs a network connection and that’s one less potentially interfering box to worry about cluttering up the space.


Many thanks for the responses , very useful indeed . This may be something @Simon-in-Suffolk could provide an answer on? Would be most interested to hear Simon’s views if possible? Cheers

I would say no, not in any way that is meaningful. Leave however enough space around the items to allow effective air circulation and cooling… I would suggest 4 inches or so.

As said above if not central Naim put their transformers on the right hand side and where possible towards the front … so from left to right NDAC , 4 inches, HCDR, or , UnitiCore, 4 inches, HCDR.

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I have my core sitting about 5cm from my HICAP DR.No problems at wall.

I could shift my core to another room but don’t see or hear the need at present.


No problems at all.

Crazy predictive text!!

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Thanks very much Simon.

Thanks for the response everyone . I’ll let you know how I get on with the nDAC. Peter

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