Hi-cap (dr) or Hi-line

What will give the better/best result in an SN3/NDX setup?

The Hi-line or the Hi-cap (dr)

There as you think about the investment of your money. Let’s say value for money.

Hicap dr. Without hesitation.


The biggest value for money as far as performance and improvement would be:

XPS DR for the NDX
HiCap DR for the SN3
Hi-Line interconnect


No surprises that the improvements correlate to the monatary value namely an XPS will make a big difference, a HiCap will make a meaningful yet somewhat more subtle improvement and a Hi-Line adds refinement.
Value for Money, I’d probably pick the HiCap, a decent used one is under £1000 and can be used on a lot of different equipment.
All of these types of discussions come down to having a long term plan for your system and building to a budget, you’ll probably end up with all 3 eventually think of it that way.

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