Hi-CAP DR vs SuperCAP DR

Hi all,

Trying to decide between the Hi-CAP DR or a SuperCAP DR for my upcoming SN3 purchase. Any comments from folks with SN2’s or SN3’s who have compared them would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you can afford a SN3/SCdr, then you can do a 282/200 instead or 202/HCdr/200.

Tend to agree. If you could stretch to a 282/HC/250 for an extra 1k this would be the best option - unless you plan on using the phono stage of the SN.

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Thank you. A friend who has tried both, said the SuperCap DR is “too much of a good thing” on his SN2.

Don’t know.

I doubt it’s too much of a good thing but to really exploit what SC can offer I’d be looking at a 282/200. In fact 282/200 (with 200 powering the 282) might be a more musical offering?

Good luck.


Thank you Lindsay.

I don’t know if the scdr is suitable for the Sn3.If you take a look at Naim website you will find, in the upgrade path box,only the HCDR.

It’s a waste of a Supercap IMHO. If this is the budget then a pre/power is the way to go.

I have Hicap DR with SN3, never compared with Supercap DR,but can say to my ears my CDX2 sounds great .

Get the SC DR. This future proofs your fun. Not to mention what a great power supply for a stageline of superline via the sn2/sn3. As one journeys through naim audio you upgrade amps and preamps but you keep SC’s. I couldn’t recommend owning a SC enough. Where applicable SC if possible!!

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no need for a Supercap DR. While it will sound better than HCDR, the money is best spent on improving your source.

A SN doesn’t even accept the dual SNAIC connections from a SCDR as with a 282, does it? Seems a waste of a SCDR and not a very balanced purchase, or am I missing something?

The OP was hipcap dr vs Sc dr on a sn/3 Obviously wanting a smaller box count because he said that’s already decided, so why all the advice to buy a 282? The question is simple and answer is the Sc dr is better it sounds better whether your using 2 snaics or one it doesn’t matter . Being a Sc its flexible and future proofs the upgrades which will happen no doubt.

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Thank you.

Because a Supercap is a lot of money, much more that a Hicap DR and may not be much better. It defeats the object really; why buy an integrated and then not use most of it??

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282/200 is two boxes (ignoring the NAPSC which can be tucked away). Same as a SN3/power supply.

SC or not, if I knew from the outset it would be 2 boxes, I expect there is a good chance a 202/200 still might see off a SN3/SCdr for less money. The separation of preamp from both power supply and power amp has a lot to be said for it.

I love the idea of a top quality integrated. But to me, that appeal involves sticking with one box.


I have a Supernait2 with HiCap and love it. I was also curious about what the SuperCap could bring to my system.

Like anything, I know a demo in my own system would probably answer my question but it might not be easily done.

Is anyone here using or has tried a SuperCap on the Supernait2?

I’m still trying to understand what moving up the power supply ladder officially offers to a system.

Thank you all in advance.

No experience here, but since you’d only be using a single SNAIC with two supply lines I wouldn’t be surprised if a HICAP DR and SuperCapDR were indistinguishable.

Like others I’d agree a SuperCap is a useful thing to have though if you’re likely to change components in your system.

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The extra money for me is always better spent on a better source

Opening the window on a source by going from Hi cap to supercap still means you are listening to the same source !

I would rather have no Hicap DR at all and spend the money on a much better source.

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