Hi-Cap DR

I have a May 2013 Hi-Cap DR. When is it recommended that it has a service?

The recommendation for units since 2000 is 12 to 15 years.

ok, thx Robert

do you think is valid for all units?
I mean, if you have a preamp that does not have any transformers, is it the same of a power amp that has transformer?
is it the same for a streamer?
just to know

I believe the requirement for servicing is mostly around replacement of capacitors. There might also be tweaks applied that have been developed since the unit was first introduced, assuming that can be accommodated E.g., rerouting of cables.

I had a 2012 HC which was retrospectively DR’d around the same time when Naim offered it at a preferential price for the last of the non-DR’s.
It made more sense to me to trade that in for a 2021 ex-dem HCDR rather than pay for servicing of the 2012 unit

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