Hey guys,
Will an Hi-Cap make much of a difference to my 72/140?

It most certainly will. Make sure it’s serviced if you can. I had a 32-5, added a Hicap and it was a huge step up in performance.

Many thanks for that and sorry for the late reply

Some things to add: if the hicap needs service, you are better off using the 140.

Given that the hicap is in good condition, the hicap makes a positive contribution to the sound but without an hicap 72/140 is great as well.

  • just saw that @Guinnless also made the ‘serviced’ comment.

Thanks for that, by serviced is that the same as a re-cap as I’am struggling to find a shop that does that in Canada

Yes the service is often referred to as a recap.
Richard Dane is probably the best placed to locate a suitable place in Canada to do the work.

Thanks that’s great advice, how do I contact Richard?

Richard runs the site, so will probably see this. His full name is Richard Dane.
I used a 72/140 back in the late ‘80s, and added a Hicap, that was a very major upgrade, tightened the whole sound up, it was similar presentation to without, but more of it if that makes sense.

Comtact the distributor in Canada for a service if you have no Naim dealers nearby; otherwise your local dealer can arrange it for you.

Mind you most of servicing is recapping, but if you have it done by someone that is not factory-authorized you’ll seriously affect the value of the unit (and possibly not get the sound quality you should from it).

As above, I would suggest you contact the distributor (the Naim website has contact details) who can advise you further.

Many thanks to all

Canadian distributor is Plurison in Quebec:

Thanks Daren I have dropped them a line

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