HI Def Audio


Where do most of you get your flac/wav tracks from?
i.e which provider out there gives the best quality for the best value for money.

Any thoughts?



Qobuz, High Res Audio, Hyperion, Erased Tapes, Bandcamp.

The above plus Mora and Juno.

Until recently, the number of albums I wanted that was available for download was literally about 1%. Most everything else being physical media only.

The last 12 months have seen that improve massively. Maybe up to 10-15%.

Presto Classical (for classical!) Chandos and eClassical also have some good HR albums.


Ones I’ve used: 7Digital, Acoustic Sounds, Bandcamp, Berliner Philharmoniker, Çedille Records, eClassical, HDTracks, High Res Audio, Hyperion Records, Linn Records, NativeDSD, Nonesuch, Presto Classical, primephonic, Pro Studio Master, Qobuz.

If I am looking to get something, I do a Google search for the recording with the word “download.” Then I determine which source has the best price.

I guess I’m just a cheapskate, because the vast majority of my purchases are still on CD, although I always rip them. They are mostly used, and are usually far cheaper than any download available. While the sound quality of HiRes material can sometimes be better, the difference is often very small, and more often non-existent, and in that respect, I find downloads to be extremely poor value for money, especially if they are 24/192 or DSD. There are plenty of exceptions, of course, but overall, I would say that downloads are seriously overpriced.


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