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How much is a new LP12 ?

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I think that question is a bit like “How much is a new BMW or a new Jaguar?” The answer is “It all depends, but if you have to ask, you may not be able to afford it.”

My daughter buying a newish second-hand Land Rover Freelander asked about the fuel consumption. The salesman said “I don’t know off hand, but if you are worried about that, then don’t buy this car.” She bought it anyway.

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Excellent - I used to occasionally visit Basically Sound when I lived in Norfolk - couldn’t afford anything though because I was a student!

Have a great visit and audition of the Rega - hope it goes well!


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I raised this as my LP12 was reasonably high-spec years ago.

LP12/Cirkus/original Lingo/Linto (recenty serviced)/original Ekos and various cartridges from K9 through Arkiv and various OC-9s.

The black plinth I find boring these days and it’s a bit worn.

Quite tempted by the Karousel offer, but just wondering if I might be better off keeping my original and getting a new basic one with a few upgrades - could move the Ekos to a new one and stick an original Akito I have onto the old one.

Not sure if this makes sense but I’d likely go for a Keel or Kore/Karousel and maybe Lingo 4 or Radikal (no idea which).

I’d lose my old subchassis, Cirkus and Lingo which are still fine to my mind if I upgraded.

Might be nice to have a second LP12.

We have various ‘combo’ options at different price points - it would be nice to specify a plinth, choose a sub-chassis, and maybe re-use my Ekos - I’m just not sure if this is possible without buying basic options on the base model and wasting components that you instantly replace.

Ah well you can afford it then! A friend of mine bought a second LP12, basically because he could and wanted to.

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If you speak to a good fettler of lp12s I am sure they would be able to do that for you, possibly even using some used other bits that are superior to what you already have

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I just hate wasting things I already have - maybe old dealers or standard practice but whenever I upgraded anything from Linn years ago I was not offered the old components in return and wonder what became of them (Akito excepted when I got the Ekos) - maybe dealership re-use of Valhalla, original bearing etc was factored into upgrade costs, I don’t know, these days I wonder.

That’s exactly what I’m wondering - I’d quite like to change the plinth, Karousel is a no-brainer from the sounds of it and would likely get nothing in return for old Lingo/Cirkus so tempted to keep my old LP12 for another areas and go a bit more up to date generally (Ekos excepted).

Suspect I’m not alone in having lots of old redundant kit that ‘I might use one day’.

I have several pairs of speakers that I really ought to get rid of… on the subject of lp12s I just did a quick google and a basic lp12 without arm or cartridge seems to be about £1800 and with arm and cartridge around £3000. I think in your place I would be speaking to Peter Swain as he stocks used lp12 bits. I daresay other dealers may do that too but I don’t know if any. I am using Chris Brooks as he is more local for me (an hour’s drive rather than 3) but he doesn’t stock any used bits

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Thanks Tim - that was my inclination too - as much as the Karousel offer is tempting me not sure it’ll be feasible by the time the offer ends, but something to look into. Cheers.

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Another approach is the lp12 group on Facebook - a few people with decks and parts for sale on there from time to time - some dealers and enthusiastic / experienced amateurs On there

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Thanks George,
Bought a Nova during lockdown and a really pleased with it. Tony reckons the Rega will be a good match. Am moving from a trad system to streaming/vinyl only. Fingers crossed.

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Despite digitising the analogue input the Nova sounds fantastic with an analogue source - in many ways I rediscovered my vinyl via the Nova.

Bet it will sound great.

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My friend’s second LP12 was a pre-owned one with lots of cast off upgrades, just as you say.

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Yes, they may be old upgrades but they were still costly ones at the time and must be worth something to the owner not just spares on a dealer’s shelf! :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t you just love a drop of smug arrogance! Goods with no price ticket (whether they fall within my budget or not) are pretty much automatically ignored by this shopper! I cannot imagine why anyone, regardless of the size of their wallet, would countenance any significant purchase without knowing the price.

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you are going to be in for one…of an ugrade Tim, esp with your electronics

I had Ackrute Radikal, Urika, Karsouel fiited together with DV XX2 - the resaults are nothing short of Jaw dropping!! - also had Chord Shawline RCA to DIN for my 252 for Urika

my next (and last) will be to look at keel or my Kore

Enjoy - your albums are going to sound :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Thanks, Antz - a bit of a wait before it all happens but it’s nice to have decided what to do and to be in the queue for it (I think there are half a dozen decks to be assembled before it’s my turn). I have agonised over what to do for years, on and off, so it’s a relief to get that over with and look forward to the results. It will be interesting to compare against the ND555, and I think I will enjoy it more through my electronics And speakers than the dem which was all Linn gear (not my cup of tea but good enough to show the difference between the components)

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My local dealer will be demo-ing Circus V Karousel on two LP12s when all the bits arrive, and that’s fairly soon.
Book by apppointment which is fair enough and to get the rig you want to hear set up. I was told just bring your own records and we will leave you alone. I doubt if anybody even before lockdown walked in off the street and placed an order then and there… Nearly all what we buy are considered purchases, sometimes not for that long!
The Karousel is pretty much a no brainer. Any Linn or Naim upgrades have always been just that. Not always perhaps to the same degree but still worth it.

My dealer had already started working from home supporting the clients he built up via a brick and morter shop over 35 years. He managed to get various bits from Naim for me during the height of lockdown.

Though international couriers were’t taking pickups from anyone other than massive retailers for a while unless you were willing to pay 400% going rate.

Anyway, he did his best to be BAU.

I’ve seen loads of You Tube vids of UK dealers talking about products and advertising home trial by post for their catchment area. There’s some very charismatic geezer in Scotland that reviews stock at his kitchen table.