Hi fi insurance

How old are you?
I’ve got SAGA, only had to let them know if any single item was worth more 2.5k otherwise all my stuff is covered accidental aswell
Don’t know to hand exactly how much cover I have, but I know it is more than what I own, any home insurer should cover your kit, might pay a premium depending on what you got,

Hi Graham sorry for being cheeky … I really hate banks…they are a necessary evil…I really hope you get good service. The level of service these days from the big 4 is not that good. All I can say is well done Bank of Dave!

I guess they have still got the muskets in the reception area. I always thought they would be useful if Coutts ever decided to invade! :joy:

I think that the muskets are there in case any customer should think of letting their account slip into the red. They send out a hunting party to rail them in!

The muskets were certainly there when I last visited, but that was a couple of years ago, before Covid struck.

I think that I’ve read a sign saying that the muskets have been there since Napoleonic times - in case the damn Frenchies got behind the Iron Duke’s defensive lines, I suppose!


Us too.


At the risk of being boring by repeating what I always write on insurance threads; think hard before declining the legal cover. I used it when I had my accident to get compensation. The cover cost £25 and it would have cost thousands had I not had the cover. I’d never be without it now.

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I haven’t had any dealings with the bank for a long time but do remember it being an interesting outfit. Don’t know whether you have been upstairs but there is a museum as well as the dining room designed by Viscount Linley along with Chippendale tables!

Employees also used to get a free three course meal for lunch which seemed to be a good perk!

If you use the search tool you’ll find that home or household insurance is a perennial subject where hifi insurance has been discussed before. This is the still current 2023 thread:

The Viscount Linley furniture was still there the last time I was invited for lunch, which was some years ago now.

It is a fascinating old building!

The tellers behind the counters now use ballpoint pens, rather than quills!

I wonder if JK Rowling ever visited before coming up with Gringott’s Bank in her Harry Potter stories?

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It sounds like all of this insurance discussion is based on UK policies, but I know in the US it is generally the case that a typical homeowner’s or renter’s property and casualty insurance policy has a fairly low sublimit for electronics and collectibles. So, folks generally have to get a separate endorsement to increase that sublimit, or perhaps an “all-peril”policy that actually names the specific articles covered by brand, type and serial number, evidenced by the purchase documentation.

Anecdote - from a reliable source – the modest (sunken) fish pond in the foyer of Coutts on the Strand had to be roped-off when the late Queen mum visited, as she was of a want to peer in, not being 100% steady on her pins in later days.

My experience in Britain has been that decades ago with low total insured cost any individual thing --not just electronics, with a value over a certain threshold had to be declared, with a higher cost if the total of them exceeded another threshold. In more recent years many policies only do that for what they term “valuables” typically defined as jewellery, art and collections. Whether the change has been one of evolution over time, or simply coming in once total home contents replacement cost exceeds some other threshold I don’t know.The other thread I linked above has some people’s recent/current experiences.

Good advice. I used it to successfully take action against LA.

Does that cover expensive hifi components such as 552/500 to full value new for old??

When I spoke to them last year they said ‘yes’. You’d need to check it out yourself though.


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For about six years I used to have M&S, unlimited cover, which at that time was unlimited total cover, and no requirements to declare individual hi-fi components. At one point their prices went up steeply and I changed to somebody else – it was about two insurer changes ago.

The last time I renewed a couple of months ago I noticed a £10k upper limit per item on some policies. There was no option to pay extra to cover higher value items, they simply wouldn’t cover you at all. Not seen this before, and it did narrow my choice of policies somewhat.


Currently my house and contents are with Direct Line…I think I may separate this and go with different insurance companies…for contents and buildings…

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I’m sure like many here (in the UK) I get ‘updates’ on policy conditions every year or so, and am careful to understand what these mean. I’m 99% sure that when I went with my current insurer (Aviva), who detail unlimited contents cover (non-‘valuables’), that I went through the hi-fi kit cover arrangements with them i.e. were there any item limits and was told not. I will revisit this again this year (c. June).

The telecall team also referred the hi-fi cover aspect to one of their ‘underwriters’ (assume within the call centre/office) and once I explained the non-moveable nature of the items (well >100kgs), they were much more relaxed.

As calls are monitored and recorded, I also make note of who I spoke to and when. I think it’s possible to vary some of the underlying limits if you explain more as to what they’re being asked to cover.

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