Hi-Fi on the go: wireless speaker when away from home

My faithful travel companion, a Bose SoundLink Mini 2, seems to have reached the end of life. The unit is no longer charging – for whatever reason. I am a bit puzzled, since the death was somewhat sudden…

Anyway, we will be travelling in a couple of weeks – so a replacement is needed. I could buy another SoundLink Mini 2, but that seems a bit boring.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound A1 (2nd Generation) looks attractive, but how does it sound? Also, it’s a bit more expensive – is it worth it? Or maybe one of those wireless JBL speakers? They seem popular.

I wonder what members of this esteemed community are using when away from home. Any recommendations for a wireless bluetooth speaker for travel?


I’ve got a Sonos Roam which is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable, even has ability to support Alexa or Google Assistant, also waterproof should that be necessary!

It’s always a trade-off between size and weight - portability - vs sound. I just use a JBL flip 6…

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Ditto, great bit of kit I use one myself for the garden

Ditto, used mine at a BBQ which unexpectedly became an 8-person disco, it worked amazingly well :crazy_face: :notes:

Thanks gents!

Quite an endorsement for Sonos Roam — I shall read up on that one.

Until recently I had no experience with Sonos, but that’s what we now have in our new car, an Audi Q4; and I am certainly enjoying Sonos‘ car audio. :grinning:

Don’t forget the Bluesound devices. Their products are very well supported as I still get updates for my original PowerNode that they stopped selling years ago

The Bluesound Pulse speakers are great but are not rechargeable like the Roam.
They need a 240v supply or a clip on battery pack. This makes the Pulse a tad bulky.

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I just use my tablet

I have a Soundcore Motion Boom and Soundcore Motion Boom Plus (better but bigger) and have been absolutely delighted with them.

Replacement batteries available on Popular auction sites

Minirig and KEF Muo user here. KEF no longer sell the Muo, but Minirig are great little things. Designed and built in Bristol, if that makes any difference. They make portable subs too 8)

I have the wired version, years old, new versions are Bluetooth or wired. There’s separate low and high gain 3.5mm sockets, either side of the charging socket.

You can also pair them for stereo.

I use the Anker Soundcore Mini.

For a little unit, it has surprisingly good sound and a good battery life.


Not a big fan of Bose stuff for the most part but the Soundlink is a a cracking product. It’s gonna be tough to beat if you need the battery power. I’ve had one for years that’s now handed off to my eldest and it’s still trucking along and sounding great. I’d prefer if you could charge of a USB brick but otherwise it does all everything a portable speaker should perfectly


I use the Audio pro c3 - perfect for the garden and rooms without music.

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If you are after B&O quality and looks but without silly money have a look at Dali Katch G2. A lot of excellent reviews out there

  • 1 for Dali Katch. Mine is gen 1 - good battery life, sound and portable, bluetooth or cable - easily fits in a backpack for travel, similar size to a paperback although heavier; easy listening for hours when away.

I had the Dali speaker on the radar — but the monies are actually sillier than the ones for the B&O.

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Another vote for the JBL speakers, my kids use them and they sound really good and withstand the abuse :wink:

I have to confess that I didn’t check but just made my usual assumption that B&O would be most expensive!