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Hello everyone, I propose a new question because you have always managed to remove all my doubts. I would like to know if it is necessary to connect an uninterruptible power supply to the Supernait 1, Hicap and CD5 XS amplifier to protect against a possible blackout, sudden increases in current and so on. I currently only have a Belkin Pure AV Isolator. What do you think? Thanks to whoever will answer

Normally not necessary. UPSs are really intended to provide enough temporary juice to allow computer systems to be powered down properly after a power cut. If you live somewhere where the mains supply is very dodgy then there may be some benefit allowing you to power off your kit safely after the cut but I’ll bow to others expertise in this case.

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Brown outs and surges are the real worry, not so much blackouts. I’ve used an APC Line-R 1200VA for years. It will protect against those with no negative effect for not much money.

Of course you could go expensive for something that regenerates the sine wave and as such removes any noise. But I don’t have any experience there.

Don’t use an UPS designed for computers, most of those output a block wave I think.

I actually live in an area where the power goes out sometimes so I worry. Please could you tell me, based on your experience and knowledge, which device (make and model) to connect to Naim components other than the Belkin Pure AV? Thank you

UPS are only needed to prevent damage to a NAS HDD/SSD or it’s CPU caused by a power failure when it’s read/writing.
It’s not required on the main system components.

From my experience, the device I mentioned. APC Line-R 1200VA. It will protect you against surges (when the power comes back on), and brown outs. What it won’t do is keep the devices on during an outage, but that is not a problem from a technical pov. Most on/off switches on equipment also simply cut the power.

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