Hi-Line better than alternatives?

Currently I run an Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II (RCA --> RCA) from an NDX 2 into my amp (Audionet Sam G2). Cable is about 800 Euro (0,5 meter). Would it be worthwhile to trade this cable in for an Naim Hi-Line DIN --> RCA?

Almost impossible to answer. Can you borrow one?

Agree, I’m not aware of any mention of Audionet Sam G2 on the forum so I doubt you’ll get an answer.

I don’t think that the SAM is the critical point here, but I should try to borrow a cable from my dealer.

Yes it is. The IC & the NDX apply an input load to the pre-amp & its a combo of all the components that affects sound signature.

Sure, but I would see the SAM as well as the NDX as a constant and the IC as a variable, so Zen. I will not change SAM or NDX. Nonetheless: I will have to test it in my specific system, so will need to see my Naim-dealer for a test.

What are the other cables used ? (Speaker and power)

Speaker: Tara Labs RSC Prime 1000, power Cable for amp: Audionet P100 and NDX is externally powered. IC as said: Acoustic Zen. Ethernet is Audioquest Cinnamon.

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The Tara lab cable seems like a quality all copper design, so might have more synergy with the Hi-Line which is all copper I believe. Whereas the Zen cable being silver. I would imagine the Hi-line will sound different, but better ?

The main reason driving my interest for the Hi Line is the DIN plug on the source end which might be an improvement over the rca plugs.

Have you tried the Naim grey/lavender?

No, but I doubt that it could be better than my 800 Euro cable.

I have a similar system to yourself. A quality Naim source with a non Naim quality integrated. And have had some time experimenting with both the stock grey lavender and the Hi-line din to rca.
For me the stock cable was very good, a nicely ordered and composed dark sound. The soundstage inhabiting an area between the speakers, being a little unexciting at low volumes - but engaged at higher levels.
The Hi-line took this further with the soundstage increasing beyond the confines of the speakers and better low level detail making low volume listening enjoyment easier.
At present I’m using a complete loom of Nordost cables. Mixing and matching the boxes, it seemed a good idea to have a coherent foundation rather than a mix and match of cables as well.
Hope that helps.


Because it cost 800 Euro?

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Well, a 800 Euro quality cable should sound better than significantly cheaper alternative. Especially when recommended by a trustworthy Naim dealer.

Thanks. I need to borrow one.

You’d be surprised. Price might mean better parts, but that doesn’t always equal better “sound”.

Exactly i preferred the std Hiline over-the very expensive Super-lumina. Have to listen for yourself, every time.

Will do

Hiline, highly recommend

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