Hi line connector

Just seen my hiline. The penultimate “rib” is slightly out in relation to the others, I assume this is ok as it’s been carefully handled by the main body only?

Probably ok it could be a sign that the tabs on the inside of the black ring are beginning to fail and will need to go bank to naim for repair.

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It’s fine. However if a gaping gap opens up, thats not so good…

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Thanks gents
Wondered if I’ve strained the hinline as I’ve looped it to keep it off the floor/cables below/extension block

Doubt it’s that…some just seem to break the tabs no matter how careful you are…

Noticed that one of my HiLine’s is gaping, as Richard put it, when I was re-installing my HiCap last week. Seems odd as it’s not been touched in nearly 3 years and wasn’t in that state when installed and checked before power up.
Sent an email to Naim and am advised to return it to base through my dealer. £152 incl. carriage. Ouch!

Steve O.

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