Hi-line Din-to-Din to Din-to-RCA

Hi, I have a Din-to-Din Hi-line left over from my previous Naim stack and am wondering if its worth amending my Hi-line to Din-to-RCA. This would be to connect my Aria to Uniti Nova for my P8. Has anybody attempted this modification and would it be worth it? I know that Naim does an RCA to RCA version of the Hi-line so presumably there are still benefits to be had even without air plugs either end replaced by RCA connectors. I would be replacing only one? Or would I just be ruining a perfectly good conventional Hi-line?

I’d sell the Hiline as is, and get a pair of Rega Couple 2 phono leads. That’s what was recommended to me - keep it Rega all the way to the Naim. They don’t need fancy treatment and won’t spontaneously self destruct.

I currently have Chord Clearway on test which sound great btw, just wondering if anyone had gone this “Frankenstein” route with the Hi-line?

I wouldn’t bother hacking up a perfectly good Hi-Line DIN-DIN. Best to trade it for either an RCA-DIN version or something else.

My dealer did exactly this mod for me when I moved from naim to a Linn ds front end. Worked very well to my ears and allowed to keep using the expensive cable. Since moved to a Morgana lead, I like that more.

Are you allowed to trade on the Forum Richard?

Definitely not. Please take a moment to read the forum rules, if you have not yet done so. thanks.

Ok, got that.

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