Hi-Line (Din5 to RCA) vs. (Din5 to Din5) question

I currently have a 2nd hand Hi-Line (Din5 to RCA). Is it worth the expensive to get a Hi-Line (Din5 to Din5) instead? Is there a noticeable increase in SQ?

Is it between two naim components?

It will be! Eyeing a NDX2 to a Naim Integrated. Currently it is not.

In my experience, having compared both, I definitely preferred the DIN-DIN between Naim source and pre-amp. Of course, if your source or pre-amp only has RCAs then an RCA-DIN or DIN-RCA Hi-line would be much better…

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I’d say so. Between Naim components DIN is always preferred and recommended. Check the FAQ area for some info concerning the DIN cables.

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For a more robust construction and even better sound quality I would suggest seeking out an ex-dem super lumina interconnect which would give you the best of both worlds.


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PS DIN - DIN if you have the sockets to suit.


Thanks everyone! Soon I’ll be able to run DIN-DIN between a new Naim source and naim pre-amp. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully I’ll be able to stretch to Hi-Line DIN-DIN for better performance

Hard to find where I live but yes I’d love to have the SuperLumina’s


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