Hi-line for the stageline

always a little confused with all the different configurations of dins out there

is there a hiline for the stageline: 4 to 5 pin i think?
also are there hilliness for connecting hicaps and if so are they worth it?

Yes, there’s a 4-5 version of the Hi-line. However, I think that for analogue phono duties I preferred the standard lavender 4-5 interconnect.

There’s no Hi-line version of the SNAIC. A SNAIC is a SNAIC and considered as part of the equipment, of the system.

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looks like somebody had to do some grammar corrections, lol
still missed “hilliness”, ???
auto correct and naim gear don’t mix well

thanks for the info, i’ll look elsewhere for upgrades, this 4 to 5s are rare and pricey

The same Hi-Line is used for the Dac V1, actually didnt take very long for me to find mine preloved after some spelunking. Brilliant interconnect!

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