Hi-Line Naim Din cable vs Regular Naim Din cable

Hi Guys. I bought a Supernait 3 and a ND5XS2 streamer. They are connected with a Naim din cable. Has anyone of you replaced the din cable that comes within the box with a Naim Hi-Line din cable? Can you tell me you experiences? Was it worth it or not? Let me know … Cheers Fonz

Hi Fonz

I suggest doing a search but yes many of us use either a HiLine or Super lumina Din-Din interconnect.
I went to a HiLine with my existing Supernait2 and was a large improvement. I have just purchased a Super lumina.


Hi Popeye, when you say a large improvement, can you clarify in what way, these cables are expensive and I suppose the question is are they really worth the upgrade or is one better off upgrading the source electronics.

I think the rule of thumb is to demo on your own system before committing


I could tell the difference immediately. Voices tightened up, better separation of instruments. Just overall smoother. Hard to recall the rest however. I used Lavender only for about 1 month until I switched.

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Since you can activate both DIN and RCA outputs simultaneously on the ND5 you can easily do AB tests. I’ve done it myself between some RCAs and grey Naim and cannot hear any difference at all I’m afraid.

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Here is a link to a post containing an explanation of why DIN is better

Of course if your preamp is not Naim then you have to use RCA. DIN to DIN is better or Naim would not have chosen it!


I found the hiline definitely improved the sound on connection between my 82 and NDS. However, I had a lot of problems connecting the hiline to the 82. It doesn’t go easily into the din socket and needed alot of wiggling and shaking to get it in. No problem getting din into NDS. Would put me off buying another hiline for other sources.


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