Hi-Line question

I’ve just received delivery of a new Hi-Line & wonder if I’ve connected it correctly!

The SQ has improved massively from the standard lavender cable but the connection into the 52 doesn’t want to go fully into the socket unlike into the NDX.
Any ideas?

Into NDX

Into 52

Is it like this with all the input sockets on the NAC52?

Make sure the socket is clean and not “chewed” or with any extra debris.

On the plug you’ll see there’s a slight raised “short rib” at the front and top. Sometimes you’ll find a DIN socket where this can be a fairly tight fit - I guess that’s down to tolerance. However, I find it’s worthwhile just pulling back slightly on the connection (make sure you only grip on the solid body) a mm or two just to give a little extra decoupling so it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Hi Richard,
Well previously I had the lavender plugged into Tuner input but the Hi-Line wouldn’t go in that socket so moved one down to CD & that’s where its is currently.
Will try some other sockets.

It may be that the locating “rib” is ever so slightly too proud for the sockets on your NAC52. It should still fit though but may be a bit tight. If you have some 180 DIN5 sockets easily accessible then it might be a good to try some connecting and disconnecting to hone it slightly.

Thanks Richard, I’ll have a mess about later - don’t want to turn off the music, its sounding so good this afternoon :wink:

My Hiline has never fitted all the way into the DIN socket on the 72, probably be best to leave the slight gap as Richard suggests for the decoupling effect.

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So, I’ve tried Richards suggestion & “cleaned” all the sockets with a lavender cable & the “issue” remains.
And its the same on all sockets, so I assume 52 DIN sockets are slightly smaller than newer version NDX kit.
Moving on now to play some more music :wink: it really is rocking today.
Thanks for all your suggestions.

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Hi Richard,
In connection cables, but off topic:
Naim Standard or “Lavender” interconnect is still in production???
Thank in advance and sorry for …

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Yes - definitely… :slightly_smiling_face:
Thats whats In The Box with most Naim units…
Can also be bought separately.

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Thank you very much for prompt and in detail answer …
I want to by it separately in two options:
1.- RCA > 5 DIN 1 or 1.25 m/l;
2.- 5 DIN > 5 DIN 1 or 1.25 m/l.

From latest Naim Accessories Price List:

RCA to 4 or 5 Pin DIN (1m) £129
4 or 5 to 5 Pin DIN (1.25m) £129

Yes indeed.

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Thank you IanRobertM.

Thank you Richard.

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