Hi-Line RCA to Din

In being new to the naim setup and learning the ins and outs of the different interconnect I have a question regarding the Hi-Line series. I am trying to go RCA out from a phono stage to DIN in on a Naim pre amp. I’ve found a Used DIN - RCA Hi-Line for sale but read that the Hi Line interconnects are one directional. On this particular cable the direction indicator looks to be on the DIN side of the cable. Am I correct in thinking that this cable wouldn’t work? If so does Naim make a cable in the opposite direction?


It’ll work, it just won’t be ideal. Yes, AFAIK, Naim make/made an RCA to DIN Hi-Line.

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Naim manufacture rca to Din and Din to rca cables in both the Hi Line and Superlumina ranges. Orders are placed through your Naim dealer.

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Depending on how much you wish to spend on the interconnect; you could also consider a Naim ‘standard’ rca to DIn cable, priced between £115 to £125 (depending on length) which is still a good cable.

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