Hi line too long

If I am going to put my NDX2 on the shelf above a 282 pre amp, the hi line interconnect will be way too long and trail on the floor

Can anyone recommend a shorter cable that will still have superb sound?

PS assuming I cannot get the hiline shortened Or it will affect sound quality

I would loop it with a plastic bubble wrap (Amazon packing or others)stopping cables touching in the loop and others nearby. Try it…then take it from there if you feel it does not work.

Don’t try shortening the Hiline, whatever you do…


Try tieing the cable in a very loose knot so that it doesn’t touch the floor. This picture shows what I mean albeit with a SL din to xlr:

Dave that is sacrilege! :joy:

The loose knot works really well - I did it with my SL din to XLR before getting an extra Fraim shelf. I’m sure it would work for the Hiline just as well.

I much prefer the TQB din-din between NDX2 & 282 over the HiLine. I even preferred the Lavender to HiLine in that set-up.



Hands up if you achieved that with a Burndy!

A ‘problem’ with a very straightforward resolution.

Don’t worry about it. Just let the interconnect trail on the floor. It really won’t make a difference to the sound!

+1 for TQ Din interconnect which is 1 metre.
I’d say better this than a hi line or SL that cannot hang free and untouched by other cables.

You mean like this?..


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