Hi-Line vs Super Lumina interconnect

Hi all,
I’m thinking about upgrading from Hi-Line to Super Lumina interconnect between CDX2 and NAC 282. Has anybody already done such an upgrade and can tell which is the improvement?
Is the Super Lumina an easier cable compared to the Hi-Line? I refer e.g. to the fact that the Hi-Line shouldn’t touch the floor but hang freely, or to the problem that sometimes the rings split (I’ve seen that the Super Lumina also has rings).

Physically they are very similar in terms of how they should hang. The construction of the Superlumina and its isolation rings is much more robust, however. I was prepared to upgrade almost for that alone, but an audition revealed I prefer the sound of the Hi-Line. The Superlumina had a lower noise floor in my system but lost in the texture of classical instruments and voice, so I stuck with the Hi-Line.


Unfortunately you won’t find a definitive response for your question. Some found the superlumina noticeably better, other prefer the hiline.
Other prefer Whitch Hat or Chord.
Better borrow each and test at home.


Putting these is some (£££) perspective…

The Hi-Line is around £800+.

The Super-Lumina is around £2000+.

Both are way beyond my budget - and sanity. YMMV, as always… Interwebz…

I have compared both side by side

No contest superlumina is much better as it should be for the extra cash

It lets more information through … without losing the dynamic energy of the music


If have listened to both HL and SL……have a HL, prefer the witchhat Morgana in my system….more detail, but the HL virtues are still there.


I tried a SL DIN cable between NDX and 282 and it did nothing for me so I returned to the standard cable. I do think the HiLine is very good, but haven’t tried it in any comparable system so wouldn’t like to say how it might compare.
Others have reported very different findings to mine, so I can only suggest that you listen and decide for yourself.

It seems to depend very much on what amplification etc you have. I use a full 500 system, and graduated from HL to SL. The HiLine is excellent but not very robust. They may be better these days. I had to have two repaired by Naim (free) as they virtually fell apart after a while. Once I could afford them, I auditioned and changed to SL throughout. For me the SL interconnects were immediately much better. Lots more detail and involvement in the music.


I have owned both the HiLine and SuperLumina interconnects and much prefer the latter with regards to both SQ and robustness.

Actually, I never really got on with the HiLine, but you will hear totally contradictory opinions on here. You will need to hear both, preferably in your system at home. BTW, the SL interconnect takes an age to burn in.


As french rooster said already you will need to audition the cables as each seem to suit different systems. In my system I tried the superlumina and preferred the hiline. Different systems, different rooms, different results.

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I would certainly give the witchhat morgana cable a go, as it has a 30 day money back, if you don’t like it, so nothing to lose apart from posting fees if you send it back

That’s my experience, too. And into a 282.

They are both made of wire. Wire cannot add to the sound. So if people are hearing differences between the two, then one of these products is attenuating frequencies somewhere / how.

A better-built cable I get, but a better-sounding one?


There is a positive review of hatpin and Morgana interconnects by Witch hat in the latest hifi pig……worth a read before jumping one way or another.


A mildly controversial opinion :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

…but one that completes the set of responses for this thread somewhat earlier than usual

  1. Hi Line is better

  2. SuperLumina is better

  3. A third cable is better than both

  4. No cable can be better or worse

…pay your money and take your choice!

I would recommend borrowing an SL (or any cable you’re seriously considering) from a dealer. It’s so easy to hear the differences between the two cables you mention, and then it’s down to personal choice.

That’s what I did, and I bought the SuperLumina. It’s great - the positive differences to the HiLine Aren’t small to my ears, music flows just brilliantly, and it has “more” of the HiFi stuff like bass and soundstage etc… Was a very cost effective upgrade in my system….

…but I can equally accept all other opinions


That is pretty much it……my sort of summary. You can save or spend a fortune……best use your own ears, sadly not for everyone on the forum.


Also witchhat will have a nice 10% off or 15% off if you buy 2 or more cables this Halloween, so a great time to try them


Hi @todaca , definitely try for yourself. My experience is that upgrading from Lavende to HiLine is a big improvement and immediately noticeable by improved sound (detail, imaging & definition). After a few years I upgraded my HiLine with a SuperLumina and barely noticed improvement. Don’t get me wrong, the SL was definitely not worse then the HiLine, but the improvement - in my case - was limited.



Just to throw a monkey wrench into the discussion, In my all 500DR system, I went from a HiLine to a Luna (Rouge) cable and the improvement was astounding. I then upgraded again to the Luna Noir cable. It was even astoundinger!! LOL

I would highly recommend you look at the Luna Cables website. All their cables are hand made by Danny Labrecque, who used to be a Naim tech. His cables are extremely compatible to Naim gear.

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I’ve used Lavender for half a lifetime on Olive stuff. When I moved to classic I changed to a Hiline between my CDP and preamp. However, I never really got on with it. Apart from the fragility and two trips back to Naim I thought it alway sounded a bit heavy and lethargic. I then tried Superlumina, so much better and more like a very refined Lavender. Fast, accurate and revealed a heap of natural detail. I then added two din/xlr’s and this just built on the interconnect qualities.