Hi-Line vs WH Morgana DIN-DIN source

A second hand Hi-line or a new WH Morgana source interconnect?
Anyone here who had both and compared them one on one?

I’m interested also to compare Tellurium Q black diamond to Hi-Line and Morgana interconnect.

I have both…i personally don’t think there is a huge difference, marginal preference to the Morgana, which i use. But still have Hiline in a cupboard.


Anyone else who can chip in?

Plenty already on this, if you do a search.
I certainly wouldn’t go back to the hiline, as can’t see any advantages it has over the morgana

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The hi line needs a lot of TLC (extreme) or it’ll break, but it sounds wonderful. If I had to replace it, because of the fragility, I think I would give the witch hat a listen - 30 day return; nothing to lose :slight_smile:

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Morgana ime.


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Wish I could chime-in with an intelligible answer, as I’ve never listened to my system with a WH. That said, I’ve owned/connected a number of HiLines in my Naim systems over the years and they’re fabulous. I’m down to one connected between my SN2 and ND5 XS2, though with multiple boxes I can attest that there’s some real synergy and addictiveness with the sound going HiLine full-bore. Personally, I’ve never experienced breakage with any of them, but can see how that could happen. Regardless, it’s a great IC with Naim gear, and I don’t say that about many ICs I’ve come across, even having owned some real positive consensus types that stretched eons beyond my budget. OTOH, WH certainly seems the real deal according to many happy listeners on the forum, so there must be something to that, too. If it were me, I’d audition both. Either discarded one would sell in a heartbeat on the used market, so you wouldn’t be out too much (well, the HiLine you might if bought new).

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