Hi all. My local dealer (Cymbiosis) has a ‘preloved’ Hi-line in stock, it will go between My NDX & 202. Do I go for it, or keep saving for a preloved Hicap DR (already have FCXS on the 202, which, for now, I’m quite happy with) - it will mean 3 more months of ‘saving’ for the Hicap, but will the Hi-Line make a BIG difference??
I look forward to your views.

Hiline is a great upgrade but beware it needs careful handling. A good investment as it will carry forward if you upgrade to a 282.



I use a hi-line…but only because I got it for a great price

Tried one on two separate occasions for some time

Unlike some others…I thought it made only the very sligtest improvement over a black cable

Keep saving Get the Hicap dr when funds allow

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Been in contact with Wayne at C - he’s going to let me home demo it, so I’ll at least know for sure :blush:
What are the ‘dressing’ protocols for it :thinking: ?

Try not to touch other cables and let it loop between source and preamp. They are apparently easy to break at the connectors, so gently apply pressure when inserting.

I’d get the Hicap DR first, even though it will take longer. The Hiline is simply an unnecessary diversion. Re. dressing: it must hang free and touch nothing for best performance.

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Gaza is right. Be VERY careful. You should only hold by the metal grips at each end and have a good look at the plugs first so you know what you are handling. Also plan exactly where you want the Highline to go before trying to insert it.

There is some subconscious short term muscle learning so practise with the old cable first.

If you think I am overdoing this wait until you get one home.

Off now to find a new Avatar of a little old lady.

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As others have said make sure it hangs freely between source and pre not touching any other component, insert carefully, and don’t worry that it sits loosely in the sockets (this is a good thing I think). I found that the performance improvement is somewhat related to how well the other factors affecting performance have been addressed (ie clean mains, etc…). I found it to be a huge upgrade and well worth the money…

HiCap DR would be my first choice as there is no substitute to a black box upgrade and it will be significantly better than a FlatCap & HiLine combined.


HCdr is miles ahead of an interconnect upgrade. As good as the Hi-Line is, it’s further down the road IMO.

Remember, Lavender was considered fine until the 500 series emerged.

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Either Hiline or Hicap DR first is fine but if I were you, I would sort out the equipment first. Cables would be the last, icing on the cake. When you are happy with the sound quality of the system, or in other words you are done with the upgrades and reached your end-game system, I would then look at optimising the system with better cables. The results can be rewarding.

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Handle the ends on the silver part only :+1:

Hi all. First few hours of listening with it in the system; I could use all the ‘cliches’ trying to describe my experience with it, but I’ll summarise with: I’m very impressed!
I admit that because I’ve had to place the system on a less than ideal piece of furniture (need the storage, & as you can tell from my profile - got a young German shepherd) the ‘dressing’ is not optimal, but used some pipe insulation to separate the lead as best I can. Took all the precautions when installing it & it all went smoothly.
Wayne at C told me it’s a nearly new one, it had no box etc, so got it (Will be getting - its on home dem at the moment) at an extremely good price & have been able to px a Chord interconnect so even better. It will only be a couple of months extra saving for the HCDR, & I tend to get the majority of my kit (preloved) from them - so I’m top of the list for when ones px’d in :blush:
Thank you to you all for the advice: much appreciated


Glad to hear you had the same experience with the Hi-line.
I picked up a pre-owned Hi-line to connect my NDS to my SN2, while I conjure some funds for a power supply upgrade, and the improvement in the SQ was immediately noticable. Very happy I bought it, and quite surprised as well.


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