Hi-res display for Qobuz in Naim app?

Hi everyone. Just started my Qobuz subscription. I’m streaming Qobuz to Nova. In the Naim app there seems to be nothing that shows what quality it’s streaming. In the Qobuz app I always set it to 24/192 and I’m not sure if it’s synced with the Naim app.

The tricky part is that Qobuz is not available in my home country. I’m in the UK where I purchased Qobuz and have my dad at home log into my account on the naim app. I can’t know for sure if there’s is no quality setting in naim app or not since I can’t see the naim app and my dad can’t see the Qobuz app. Does someone who’s having both know the answer to this? Thank you.

It’s shown in the Play Queue screen after you tap the play bar at the bottom.
And in the Naim app go to Settings > Input Settings > Qobuz to set the quality

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Is this for the Qobuz app or Naim app?

Naim app

Ok. I’ve seen it. Thank you. Doing all this remotely through my dad:))

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