Hi-res file on Atom

Have problem with reproduction flac24 files (HDD on USB). Atom sometimes became slow, if change volume need 2 second for reaction. If use Naim app is same, slow reacton. And finaly sometimes have interuption in sound.
Look like low internal memory or slow USB transport of big files.

I would do a bit of trouble-shooting. I highly doubt that it’s an inherent design flaw in the Atom. I would try the same file delivered another way, and I would try using different hardware (a usb stick, a different hdd) to deliver the same file, etc.

Something certainly is amiss.

And I’d also try just re-booting the Atom.

I check with another HDD, same problem.
Only to try rebooting… It will delite Favorites?
Have somebody same problem?

Is the hdd using the power from the Atoms usb port or seperate power. If the former then might be the Atom can’t provide enough power to it or its drawing too much power from the usb bus. Perhaps try with a usb hub to give the power to the drive from that. The Atom has no issues playing hires for me over the network.

Does it play the file OK from a USB thumb drive?

It is passive USB external disc.

After rebooting Atom play about 2hour fine. SUddenly paused the reproduction and restarted himself?!

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