Hi Res streaming on Muso 1st Gen

Hi All. I have had a Naim Muso and QB (1st gen) since 2018, and like them. However I really want to be able to play hi res music on them, and the max I can get is 44.1/16, for which I might as well use Airplay. It’s seriously disappointing to have shelled out so much money on Naim kit which was replaced within a year and the vital new features can’t be upgraded via firmware (I can’t believe that is the case), but that’s by-the-by.

Despite the Muso being a streamer rated to 192/24, I can’t see how you can actually get it to output hi res. Native app Tidal won’t work as that’s MQA. USB won’t work. I don’t have a source that could plug into the optical socket. I don’t have a NAS. It’s a bit ridiculous to be honest.

Having read these forums people have said they get around this by using Bubble UPNP or Roon (again, I don’t have a NAS), or MConnect via iphone/ipad.

So I settled on downloading the MConnect App, and at first the Naim wouldn’t show up on the UPNP list. It now does, but when I press play on the app, nothing happens.

Any ideas? I’d be happy to sort this out with a bit of kit if not too expensive (whether Roon or UPNP bubble plus “something”), as I have ethernet throughout the house. Any ideas welcome.

Thanks a lot

Mconnect works fine on my first generation QB with Qobuz. Where are your Hires music files?

Thanks. It now does play but is having horrendous buffering issues. Have tried a variety of tracks. It can only get hires stuff for about 4 seconds at a time. Definitely not my network as have no issue with 4K streaming or hi res audio on other players.

If I had a quid etc :grin:

Mconnect uses your control pad’s WiFi to send the stream to the QB so the WiFi needs to be good.

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You’ll be lucky to get reliable 24/192 streams with the 1st gen Muso’s 802.11g WiFi. Try a wired Ethernet connection, at least as a trial to see if this is where your problem lies.

And the QB will only do 48k with a WiFi connection so best to set your source accordingly.

I thought this might be it, but it also does the buffering thing when I send it to my Denon AVR-X3300W from MConnect. My wifi is strong, I have Ethernet backhaul access points in every media device room.

It feels like the MConnect app is struggling to access the Qobuz music, as it works fine on the native iOS app.

Thanks. That’s interesting. I hadn’t read that anywhere. How can it actually meet its maximum capability then if it can’t do it wirelessly? Optical or Ethernet UPNP only? They should put that on the box!

It’s a shame that for all intents and purposes given its design as a streamer it can only do 44.1/16.

That I don’t understand. I too have a Mu-so first generation and play all my music from an attached USB stick. It’s all classical music and includes 24/192 albums—all of which play perfectly and sound excellent.


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It’s in the product specifications :roll_eyes:
Wired and other inputs are 192khz except optical which is limited to 96khz.

Which I read, but it doesn’t say you can’t get over 48khz when using native apps via a wired connection.

Thanks. This was iPhone-lightning- usb - kept skipping and cutting out.

Then the simple, quick and cheap solution is to put the music on a reasonably fast USB stick and use the Naim app to access it. That’s what I do.


Where are the hi-res files you are trying to play?

Streaming from either Tidal (via the native app) or Qobuz (via UPNP via MConnect).

So a USB stick won’t help you but a wired connection between your router and the MuSo as suggested certainly might. Have you tried it?

Thanks very much Paul. Yes, the muso is wired by Ethernet to the router. I think I may just have to be content with 44.1 unless I get a NAS or something capable of streaming to the Muso over the network wired via UPNP.

Given that many people with far better kit find the difference with hi res is very small and sometimes none, (except when a different mastering, when it effectively a different version), it is questionable whether you’d hear any difference with the much more limited sound of the Muso so perhaps it is not worth fretting too much about.


Mconnect streaming Hires to a QB 1.

You’re absolutely right. I think I’ve ended up in one of those classic tech situations where I am thinking “it ought to be able to do this, so I want it to” and obsessing about it, rather than being pragmatic about the actual benefit I’ll get from it.

I’m doing the same thing with my Control4 to AVR at the moment, which is stuck on 48khz input despite it being rated for higher when streaming Qobuz. I think I’ll just have to let it go.

Much appreciated all of you.