Hi res

is that tidal rubbish? sounds awful. it blunts all the music. am i a muppet with tidal and quobuz?

Might want to put this in streaming audio topic rather than hifi corner.

cool, how do you do that?

can Richard sort that out? many thanks.

Not sure what the problem you are having with streaming. I have used Tidal in the past and switched to Qobuz and it sounds excellent on my system.

Not sure why it would not sound just as fine with your NDX 2 > 252 > 250 system.

just the recent hi res options that flag up. they sound “rounded”. “crap”.

am i paying for hi res which i don’t want?

Only you can answer that one!!

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i can’t doh.

it is tidal vs qbuz. what’s the thinking? both cover all bases.

cripes, if you stamp hi res on your records…

I did a side by side comparison of TIDAL vs QOBUZ for a month a couple of years back and choose Qobuz. I found HiRes to be preferable to the CD quality that Tidal offered since I had no interest in MQA. Plus Qobuz was less expensive. A savings of $5.00 USD a month at the time and even more now with the annual subscription.

My ears along with the money saved made it an easy decision for me.

Other’s have picked Tidal since they have Hi-Fi equipment which supports the MQA software. Other have mentioned they believe the Tidal catalogue meets their music needs more than Qobuz.

If you do a search you will find 50+ threads that have discussed this previously,. Search can be your friend here on the forum.

I have both services, and they both play well. At least in roon, I do not compare them that much, and when I did, some albums sounded better in tidal others in Qobuz and most of the time sounded equal.

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yup, good info thanks. mqa can do one! siding qbuz. price keeps going down, just lots of old crap linked to tidal.

pure steamer these days. might fire the decks up one of these days.

I have Qobuz and have no problems with it whatsoever. Maybe I’ve got woollen ears. :flushed:

I have demoed quite a few different streamers using both Tidal and its HiRes MQA against Qobuz both their CD quality tracks and HiRes, they are both very good and i doubt anybody would pick the difference in a blind test between the two.

Go for which streaming service gives you the best library of music for your tastes, noting that Tidal also stream HiDef Music Videos and Concerts if that is of interest to you. TIDAL also needs an MQA compatible streamer to get the HiRes.

It would help if you stated what the problem seems to be exactly.

With an NDX2, you don’t get any hires from Tidal because Naim streamers don’t do MQA.
(Unless you use Roon which does the first MQA unfold anyway)

Same here. I can’t access MQA but don’t feel it’s a loss. CD quality is more than good enough. High res is hideously over sold. Mastering is far more important. I find my preference for certain albums varies. Found one I preferred on Tidal last night. A rare occuramce tbh.


That’s probably true but I have found 24/96 to be the sweet spot. I’ve bought a few 24/192 and have been disappointed.