Hicap 2 has eh eh in transform

I’ve just bought hicap 2 from reseller, this is used equipment. I’ve never owned this product before. This is used for nac 72 and nap 110, proac db1. When the midnight is down, I leave my ear near the hicap2. So I heard the sound “eh eh eh…” inside the transform and it shut off when I turn off hicap.
Is the sound “eh eh eh “ of transform normal or abnormal? “

A quiet hum from the Hicap when you put your ear close to it is quite normal. It may vary in volume depending on local mains quality.

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Just to add to James’ post above, any nasty local mains pollution may well make any hum from a large toroidal transformer much louder or vary in tempo and pitch. In particular if you use ethernet over mains devices these can cause all sorts of problems.


One of my HiCaps purred like a cat; it sometimes made me want to scratch it gently. I’m serious.


It is when it brings in mice as gifts, that you really need to start worrying.

Thanks all. Following your explained, it is normal with hum sound. I relieve my mind. In my system has using switch netgear, lumin d1 to stream tidal to naim nac 72, i use clef 8s power unit.

Of course this may be the magic fairies that keep Naim sounding great. Just need feeding with good music.

First try repositioning the hicap.

In my experience an pulsating hum ‘eh eh eh’ is related to something on the mains. Electric toothbrush? Waterfountain for the cat? Electric blankets? Disconnect it all and see what happens.

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