Hicap Caps

Quick one this, hopefully.

I have 2 olive hicaps.
The 1989? One has 22,000uF 63V caps, the newer 1996 only has 15,000uF 63V caps.

One was serviced at Class A so I know that is correct.
And the other one was serviced, but not in Salisbury nor Sheffield.

So, these could be correct, so did the earlier olive hicaps have a pair of 22,000 rather than 15,000s?

Probably best directed to @NeilS

Naim use Felsic 15,000uF Caps, and before that SLCEs. If the Hicap’s an earlier one then you may find the red 15,000uF LMTs.

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Problem is, that the earlier one whilst serviced, was not done in Sheffield nor Salisbury.
But, being an earlier 1989 olive, may still be correct in having 22,000uF caps.
I’m guessing that if correct, that naim either made a design change to 15,000uF or had the change forced on them for another reason.
Of course, it could be that 22,000uF is just wrong?
Did CBs have the larger size?

As you say @NeilS will know the correct answer.

The 22,000uF caps are the wrong ones. They are probably black with gold lettering Kedeils.

Sort of what I was thinking. I don’t have that HC at the moment, my daughter has " borrowed" it. Otherwise, I’d have a look inside.
But as it is an early Olive, I was thinking in could be right?

The caps have always been 15,000uF. It’s most likely had a non Naim service somewhere…

@Richard.Dane has said that 15,000uF is correct. That will do for me.

The HC with 22,000uF Caps is plain wrong. Someone thinking bigger is better…?

Yes. From a third party place.
Done before I bought it, and sort of due a service as its 8 years since that service.
I feel a bill coming on !

I concur - 15000uF is correct.


I see @NeilS has confirmed, re 15,000uF.

If the ‘wrong’ HiCap is now at +8 years, the answer - IMO - is obvious… :thinking:

Exactly. Hence the bill coming on bit. Or maybe I should get my daughter to pay!

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Do the 22,000uf caps sound inferior the 15,000uf, or do they sound superior. Can you tell the difference?

Unless you’re planning on using both hicaps to power one piece of equipment I wouldn’t worry about it.

The caps Naim use usually have a +/- 20% tolerance, so in theory the 15000uf could be 18000uf and the 22000uf could be 17600uf. :thinking:


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IIRC, when the SLCEs could no longer be supplied Naim undertook a comprehensive R&D program to source the best sounding big caps they could for all relevant products. I seem to recall that it included Kendeils that seem so popular elsewhere, but they didn’t make the cut.


Haha. The HC was serviced when I bought it. But being on this forum you learn stuff. The key is to remember what is important, and what’s not.
I was in my loft sorting out some hifi boxes and came across the service sheet for the HC, and thought it unusual.
As my daughter has borrowed the HC, I have no easy way to look inside.
As for sound, would have to listen critically. But doubt i could hear anything obvious.
I guess the basis of my question is has my HC been inadvertently modified?

Something special about those LMT caps that subsequent ones didn’t quite match IMO. Put it like this, I’m not at all surprised Naim had to carefully source replacements when it became necessary.

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On a similar note. I noticed on another thread you use Nap 110’s.

IMO the big blue caps used in the 110 are better than the caps used in the more modern power amps. 140, 180 etc

The big red LMTs certainly looked rather good paired up inside the Hicap and 250…

It has likely been serviced by a non-authorised outfit and only authorised service agents have access to components that HQ have deemed to be fit for purpose. That doesn’t mean it has been modified as such, but it won’t be to factory specifications. Whether that matters can only be determined by direct comparison with a factory spec unit.

Apologies if I’ve broken the rules here - just trying to be helpful to the OP!