HICAP DR 282 250DR Query

My dealer (whom I completely trust btw) has cabled to my 250DR from ‘Output 1’ of the HCDR when I note the manual suggests using ‘Output 3’.

Something about it being better - a slightly shorter signal path and ‘old school’.

Sounds great to me but anyone know what the actual differences are between ‘Output 1’ and ‘Output 3’. Why would Naim recommend the latter?


As I understand it, it’s best to use the socket closest to the one that connects the Hicap to the preamp. That’s the shortest signal path. I imagine that is socket 3 and that the dealer is confused.

Cheers HH. This would suggest you are correct:

Duly swapped.


It’s a bit worrying when you know more than a dealer.


Essentially they should be the same, but in the interest of keeping small signal paths as short as possible, it’s good form to plug in as close to the SNAIC socket as possible*.

*with the exception of when using a pre '93 Hicap where the DIN4 next to the DIN5 offers a single rail 24V supply.

Ah…That may explain what he was thinking. Have moved mine to 3 as per manual.

Cheers Richard.


He’s only had 26 years to get up to date

How you doing with that trust thing?

100%. Rookie error :joy:



Thought I would carry forward this thread…

The HCDR is fitted with some anti vibration feet…

Are these not available on SN2 as standard ?

I’m not sure how that question follows, but all the classic boxes have the same feet, other than those with internal suspension which have metal feet. So the Hicap and the Supernait have the same feet.

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I will reply here but i fear it may be divergent to the OP’s interest…

I was wanting to experiment with a 10 mm tempered glass sheet underneath the SN2 and my Philips CDP960. Underneath this glass sheet will be cork and a rubber compound layers ( like circular footers maybe an inch tall )

Folks use the isoacoustics products but i want to try this as the cork and rubber is doing a good job underneath my heavy Lenco L75 record player. Besides the isoacoustics products arent available where i live and ofcourse cork & rubber is cheaper - much cheaper.


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