Hicap DR - How does it work?

After purchasing and fully appreciating my new Hicap DR currently in use with my Nait XS2 Integrated.

I was wondering how does it work in my situation with the Nait XS2?

I presume the Hicap DR only provides power to the Pre Amp Section of my Nait XS2 via the Snaic 5?.
And an audio signal is routed from the Nait XS2 Pre Amp through the Snaic 5 into the Hicap DR.

Which is then routed through the Hicap DR and sent to the Power Amp section of my Nait XS2 via the Snaic 4?.

Is this correct?.

My question is
Is the Snaic 5 a 2 way directional travel cable?.
Audio signal travels From Nait XS2 Pre Amp into Hicap DR?.
Power travels from Hicap DR to Nait XS2 Pre Amp?.

Also is the Snaic 4 only for audio output from the Hicap DR to the Power Amp section of the Nait XS2

Any help from Richard or other forum members would be great in helping me understand how this situation works.


The Hicap sends power to the Nait’s preamp. The signal, or music, goes from the Nait, through the Hicap, and back into the Nait. This keeps the signal earth in balance.


Thank you
So the Snaic 5 cable sends power in one direction from Hicap to Nait XS2 Pre Amp.
And opposite direction with audio signal from Nait Pre Amp to Hicap DR.

So the reason for Snaic 5 being a directional marked cable is for the purpose and priority of the audio signal traveling from Nait XS2 to Hicap DR?
And the power signal through Snaic 5 from Hicap DR to Nait XS2 doesnt really matter regarding cable direction?

Just make sure that the collar end of the Snaic 5 is at the Nait end, and that the collar end of the Snaic 4 is at the Hicap end, and connected to socket 3.

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Yes it is all connected correctly.

I am just really interested in the way it all works.

So the reasoning behind routing audio through extra cabling, through the Hicap DR to XS2 and not just using the Hicap to power the Pre Amp section of the XS2 is to ensure signal earthing is correct?.

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Yes, that’s right.


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