HiCap DR Power Specs

Not sure how to title it but I can-not find the specs anywhere for how much wattage/current the HICap DR pulls… I’m sure its not really hi current, but actual specs would be great.
Thanks fellas

I’m intrigued as to why you want to know and what impact the knowledge will have on you. It’s never crossed my mind.

There are power cords designed for different applications. I don’t think that a HICAP is going to need an 8 or 6 gauge cord, such as a power amp would need. So it would be nice to know it’s current/ wattage draw.

The label on the rear of the DR shows current draw is 40VA MAX, confusingly earlier versions show 25W.
Whatever, it’s diddly squat. I suspect running current with just a preamp on the end is a lot less than 40VA, but even that is only 0.17 amps on 230v & as it looks you’re from US its 0.34amps on 115v


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