HiCap DR unused for six years, risky purchase?

I learned of a 2016 HiCap DR which is claimed to have been used for two years and stored for six years. Is there a risk to purchasing this PSU for a Supernait 2 if it has not been operated for over half a decade?

Ideally Naim equipment is best used. The capacitors may have dried out. Or it maybe absolutely fine. You could buy it and if there are issues send it to Darran at Class A for a service. This would be cheaper than Naim, but Class A are authorised agents. If you call them they will give you a price.


I think you will be fine. With the newer black kit service intervals are longer than the kit of old - something in the region of 12/15 years. Plenty of life left i’d say.


Worth a punt, if the price reflects its history… :thinking:


Doesn’t that make it a 2014? (used for 2, stored for 6)


Details… just details… :expressionless:


I’m a pedant I know. Later I’ll be p*ssed and won’t care. :wink:

Doubt I’d be too worried about a 6-8 year old age if the price is good.


Nor would I.


I think it will almost certainly be fine as long as it has been stored somewhere dry and without large temperature variations which can occasionally cause condensation inside the unit. If in doubt, have a look inside, or at least leave it in position for a few days before you power it up.
That might all sound a bit paranoid but in some rare cases internal condensation can cause damage.


Simple answer.
It will be fine
Why would it not be? Unless it was left in a degrading environment. I.e. damp or heat. Or both.
Simple piece of kit whose degradation is bounded by those 2 big caps.
Service in another 8 years.


So would you pay more if it was (heavily) used?? Seem counterintuitive….

I think there is a small risk but on a heavy daily use one the on/off cycles could also be worrying.

I would probably pay more for an unused NOS unit.


No, that’s not quite what I meant. In this case, the OP ( @LML ) has highlighted the history of this HiCap. In view of this - that is been sitting unpowered for 6 years, I would hope the price would be a little lower - than say a unit which had been in regular use.

Capacitors deteriorate from the day they were made - being unpowered does not delay this process.

Also, as @ChrisSU and @Thegreatroberto have said, we are assuming it was stored in a dry & relatively warm environment.

The capacitors will degrade more when the unit is in use from the heat inside the case than they will if the unit is switched off. You are better off with an unused unit.


Causes of Electrolytic Capacitor Degradation

Thank you. It is an interesting read.

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This is the Internet…!! You are not supposed to actual READ things…! :crazy_face:

Sorry, i also read it. Although i was in the car ( not driving) back from Manchester.
What i wanted from the article was what, if anything you could do to slow the degradation of the caps. Keep cool, dry, out of any other " stressors". But couldnt see anything, perhaps because there are none?
Which if this is the case, you want to have fitted factory fresh caps, rather than ones that have been hanging around :thinking:

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If you can get it a the right price factoring in about £200 for a service then I would say go for it. Don’t plug it in, just box up and send straight off for service.

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i doubt it will need a service -should be good till about 2030… its only 8 yrs old . id plug in with nothing connected first though and check voltages on the voltage pins on the dins if if were mine…

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