HiCap DR vs Chord Hugo

Just ask your dealer
(Or maybe Naim customer service)
Might be nice to know, for peace of mind

I would say given the advancements in the Naim know how in the ND5XS2 compared to when the NDAC was built - unless you have a 555PS on the NDAC I would audition carefully in terms of SQ albeit to my ears they have quite different sonic presentations irrespective of SQ.

The ND5XS2 focus was about sound quality over usability features within its budget profile - and it uses all the latest Naim DAC and DSP system design, electrical decoupling and clocking technology compared to the NDAC… although the LP digital filter and oversampling filter are the same still I believe

I did love my NDAC/555PS when I owned it - but I can’t say it ever leapt off the page in terms of resolution and detail - but groove and bass drive it excelled at, however fine orchestral, or choral works were always disappointing to my ears… at the time this was where the NDS improved over the NDAC in my opinion,

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