Hicap DR vs Olive Hicap

I have just today been trying a Hicap DR on the 62/140 combo, wanting the Olive to go elsewhere. The DR adds a level of what I can only describe as a ‘muddyness’ to the sound. Most surprising. I checked the connections and even tried different connection cables. No improvement. Putting the Olive back in and the clarity has improved. The DR is good as I have been using it with a xs2 where it improves the sq noticeably.

Any reason why this interaction with the older nac should occur?

That’s quite surprising. What source are you using the 62/140 with ?

Auralic streamer.

It s not unacceptable and if I hadn’t had the Olive previously connected I may not have noticed it, but it is noticeable in comparison.


Yes that’s a decent source. Just goes to show that sometimes, technically better may not be sonically better, particularly with the older kit that was designed with the LM 317 reg based PSUs.

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When was the 62/140 last serviced?

Within the last two years.

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Is it possible that you are now using different sockets on the back of the HCDR compared to its previous use, and that one of those connections has a fault?


Early Olives used Socket 3 (as socket 4 has single rail power) for the four pin SNAIC to 140 cable. Later Hicaps use socket 4.

I hadn’t thought of that.

I used the same sockets on the HCDR/62/140 as I had been using on the HCDR/XS2.

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HC socket 4 to 62. Banded end to 62.
HC Socket 3 to 140. Banded end to HiCap.

Are you talking about the hicap or 62 ? It should be Hicap socket 4 to 62 socket 5, hicap socket 3 to the 140.

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OK guys. Thanks for the inputs. I’m not unfamiliar with the connections and having now checked. The hcdr and my olive hc have the same connection topology. No errors in connection.

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If the HCDR works well with XS2 but not 62/140, it does sound like a fault. If you are using exactly the same sockets and cables with 62/140 as you were using with XS2, I am stumped - sorry.

@Richard.Dane may be able to help - otherwise the boxes need looking at by Naim or equivalent.


If it’s correctly connected then I’m a bit stumped, unless the HICAP DR reveals some sort of limitation in the NAC62.

I don’t think the difference is massive, I was just expecting more clarity and separation, not less.

Exactly so - it is weird.


I tried nac 62 and my nac 72 with Hicap Olive, Hicap DR, Supercap Olive, Supercap DR. The Upgrade stays in that order, I still have SC DR.
Facing the olive; when its break-in is ok with DR the result is more “clean” and precise when listening, the bass is firmer and more robust.
Maybe check, see if a snaic influences the result ?

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I’m assuming you didn’t have the 62 stacked on one of the powered up PSUs ?

Don’t want to muddy the issue, but my Olive HiCap is connected to my NAP180 from socket 2.

If socket 3 has a 24v power rail (early Olive ones did, I believe), you need to use socket 2.