Hicap on Stageline or Rega Fono MM Mk3?

Hello everyone

I have a stageline N powered by the AUX2 of 282.

the stageline is for a Rega P6 / exact.

I am not entirely satisfied … compared to the digital source, everything seems more confused, clumsy, booming …

I would like to try mitigate this effect.

better a Hicap (not DR) to power the Stageline or change the Stageline with a Rega fono MM Mk3?

I currently have a reduced budget and I cannot evaluate other more expensive options

any advice is welcome …


I thought my Fono Mk 2 was very good for the price, but a Rega Aria would be much cheaper than a Stageline/Hicap

I know they say Rega is a plug and play deck but what it sits on and how its adjusted is more likely the root of this (the exact might be a factor too). I have an N on aux2 in my second system and that is not a description I recognise.

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just moved my HCDR on to my stageline following SC upgrade to 282

I really like what it has added, but this could be as much on the SC on 282, could you borrow one to try before purchasing?

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Personally I’m not convinced that the Exact and Stageline N work at their best together - the result can be just a bit to dark and, for want of a better word, “thick”. The Stageline N works best with a lighter, brighter, and more energetic sounding cart, I find. I would be looking to change either the phono stage or the cartridge.

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supercap is dr or not dr? because I have the same situation, 282 with hicap dr and stageline with “other” ps. I’m thinking about supercap (not dr) and move hicap dr to stageline

Morning the SC is Non DR which I have added to the 282

the uplift is nothing short of stagering to be honest, richer, deeper, just more music - dont get me wrong the HCDR works really well with the 282 and is a lovely combo, the SC on the 282 is a game changer -

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Hi Antz, thank you for your feedback :wink:

I’m biased because I find the Stageline on Aux2 a very neat phonostage, with no extra mains plug or interconnects required.

In the days when I had a Stageline N, I was very happy with the synergy it had with the Goldring 2400 cartridge. Likewise when I borrowed my father’s 1978 Rega Planar 2 with AT95e, the match was also good with my Stageline N.

thank you all for the advice …

I know that a SC (also nn DR) for the 282 would be a turning point … but the budget unfortunately does not allow it.

according to Dave, what could be a head for my P6 that goes well with the N stageline?

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