HICap placement?

Hi everyone, I have two Hicaps one on my nap 282 and the other on“my superline both placed separately on my 2x four shelf fraim current order of boxes are:

Right fraim
Top - CDS 2 head unit
Second - XPS olive
Third HiCap
Fourth NAP 250 DR

Left fraim
Top- Superline
Second NAC 282
Third NAT O5
Fourth Lingo 1 + Hicap for Superline.

I am about to replace the Lingo with a Radical and will need a full width shelf.
So my question is do you think it would cause any problems /hum etc if I placed both Hicaps next to each other on the same shelf.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

You have TWO 282’'s…??? Cannot be, Shirley…?

Normal advice is to get all PS’s as low as possible. Cannot believe that a HC next to a HC is a problem. I have that (at the very bottom of my single stack of Isoblue) - but both power my 82…

Sorry Ian fat fingers should have read NAP 250 DR post edit thanks.


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Ok, so RH Stack - put either HC or XPS at the bottom - and the HC or XPS above that.

IMO, you could put another HC alongside the RH stack HC.
But YMMV, etc…

Hi having moved my Hicap this morning see above post, I seem to have developed a hum on my right channel nothing on the left. Spent most of the afternoon trying to find the problem and checking connections without success. There was no issues before the Hicap was relocated.

Would be very grateful on any suggestions regarding this annoying development.


Who’s Shirley?:rofl:

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Shirley Nott… :crazy_face:

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I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

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Is the hum just when you select phono for the Superline or on all inputs?

Hi Richard just on the Superline

Ok, thanks. The Superline is very high gain and is sensitive to anything with a transformer and can easily pick up hum so bear that in mind.


Richard, I just saw your postabove re Superline sensitivity. I am running a Superline directly into a 282 but have a Supercap just waiting to be installed (when I have a free weekend to dismantle the stack, tidy everything up, massage the Burndy as per instructions, and reassemble). The thing is that the only place I can put the Supercap is on the top shelf of the stack (not Fraim; bespoke cabinet) which will put it about 6 inches below the Superline with only 3/4 inch of solid oak between them. Am I heading for a problem? Is it possible to “insulate” the Superline by putting some sort of shielding above it on the underside of the cabinet top? Advice appreciated.

Arcadian, it’s hard to say for sure without trying, I’m afraid. It should perhaps be fun experimenting.

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