Hicap, power supply only?

Excuse me if this is a bit of a stupid question. I am currently upgrading my interconnects and I was looking at the ones between 282/HCDR/250DR. I thought Naim was all about separating the power supply and yet the interconnects go via 282> hicap >250 ? Is a hicap more than simply a power supply ? Looking at the Naim website it only mentions the hicap being a power supply. I am clearly missing something !

Its a power supply! Naim route signals via the power supply thats all!

I don’t understand when you buy black boxes separate power supplies are better for isolation and yet the signal is passed through them ? why ? surely an interconnect direct from pre to power supply would be better using that logic ? As I say I am sure I am missing something !

Hopefully one of the more technical people can help here but I believe it has something to do with earthing and consequently better sound quality. I wired a 202/HiCap DR from the 202 once by mistake and it sounded better once corrected.

It is in the faq.

Biddler, sounds like you need to have a read through the FAQ, Start here:

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@Richard.Dane and @Ardbeg10y many thanks. I was looking on the Naim website, I should have thought about the faq’s on here first. Makes sense and I have learned something today, so happy days !

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As Richard has said, it’s about ensuring the earthing works correctly. That said, with the 272 and a power amp, the signal goes straight from one to the other and if you add a power supply to the 272 it still works in the same way.

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