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My HC was DR’d retrospectively during the Naim campaign when the last of the non-DR units could be DR’d at a preferential price. Now at 10 years old I’ve been advised to get it serviced which I don’t doubt the advice but £ 400 to service a 10 year old unit that could go to a brand new HCDR then trade/eBay this one. Throwing good money after bad or some logic ?

Why do you need to service Hi-Caps so often? I thought it was just the regulated amps that need doing every 8-10 years. Pretty sure Darran suggested something like 15+ years for unregulated amps.

This is just a power supply though, or is DR tech special in some way?

From an older thread; copied and pasted from a Naim source, I think:

“How often should I service my Naim product? This is a question often asked, and the Service Department recommendations are as follows: for the Chrome bumper (circa 1975 to 1989) and Olive (circa 1989 - 2000) range products, we recommend every 8 - 10 years and for the newer black products (2000 - present), every 12 - 15 years.”

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Hicaps certainly can benefit from a service.

I am no expert and will gladly defer to those who are. However my understanding is that much of the benefit of a service is actually replacing tired capacitors. That would suggest to me that power amps and power supplies probably benefit more than preamps.

Naim service prices have just risen as I understand it, but a serviced and DR-Ed Hicap should be literally as good as new. Conversely, powering anything with an unserved Hicap that is (say) 15 years old will probably by audibly non-ideal. On that basis, you may not need to act now, but sooner or later a service will be a cheap upgrade.

My olive Hicap has been serviced once when almost 20 years old, and a service helped quite a bit, making things seem more immediate and making the background quieter. Any improvement in a Hicap that is only (day) 8 years old will presumably be less noticeable.

Does anyone have a strong reason to disagree?

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