HiCap / SNAXO 242 Connection

Currently using a FlatCap XS to power the SNAXO, but have just bought a HiCap off eBay (Dealer) and it is arriving next week.

Looking at the connection chart and I’ve got myself a bit confused.

Presently, the FlatCap is connected as follows;
-Power out A goes to the SNAXO
-Signal out A goes to the SuperCap for the NAC 282

Looking at the connections on the HiCap:
-I can see that Socket 4 goes to the SNAXO
-But which socket socket should be connected to the SuperCap?

SNAXO Connections;
-Only using A speakers
-Small PSU input connected from FlatCap Power out A
-Link plug fitted to large PSU input
-Ignore the light grey cable, that is from the NAC 282 to the Headline

SuperCap Connections;
-Socket 3 connected from FlatCap (Signal out A)
-Sockets 1 and 2 to NAC 282

Or have I got this all wrong?


Connect it the same way as you have it now -

Power out A on the FC XS would instead be Hicap socket 4.

Signal out A on the FC XS would now be Hicap socket 3.

The Burndy link plug stays plugged into the Snaxo. You’d only remove this if using a Supercap to power the Snaxo via a Burndy cable.


Thank you @james_n

That is what I was thinking, based on the socket schematics on the rear case, but sought confirmation, just to be sure.

Will let you know the outcome.

Thanks again.


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It can look a bit of a strange configuration as the Snaxo to PSU signal flow appears to be reversed to allow the PSU to PSU signal connection.

Hope it all goes well :+1:

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That is the correct or usual answer. But actually, any HiCap socket, except Socket, 4 could used. They are all the same, electrically. Which the diagram on the HiCap back panel shows.

Here is a much older HiCap :


If you go back further still, there used to be a single +24DC supply on Socket 3, to power the pre -5 preamps.


Indeed Ian - you’re right about some of the older Hicap socket configurations. I suspect the OP will have bought a Hicap DR to match the rest of the system, so socket 3 (being physically and electrically closer to socket 4) makes most sense here :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the rear panel of the HiCap I’ve just bought.

Assuming the connections are 3 and 4 as previously advised.


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Yes, that looks like a recent HiCap version.
So use Sockets 3 & 4… :grimacing:

The much older HiCap says -
One Amp - Socket 2 to Power Amp; Socket 3 to Pre Amp
Socket 4 - To equipment marked HiCap Socket 4

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Hi DG… I saw your comment on the other thread about servicing. Did you buy a DR or non DR Hicap. From the pic posted, it looks non DR ?

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The picture shows a ‘non’ DR’ HiCap.

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Yep - but I wondered if it was a DR upgraded Hicap missing a DR sticker, hence the question :slightly_smiling_face:

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That question is impossible to answer. Based on the photo posted, it is a non-DR HiCap.

Only an internal photo could tell us more - but what you suggest, seems rather unlikely…

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That’s why I’m asking DG what version he actually bought rather than just speculating…

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It is the non DR version. It was cheaper than the DR versions, plus it should be better than the FlatCap XS.

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Thankyou :+1:

Nothing wrong with that. Was ‘state of the art’, for very many years, prior to DR.

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@DiggyGun perhaps a pic will help - this from maybe the original connections guide.
I don’t think @Richard.Dane will mind me posting this, despite these were originally only circulated to dealers.
Long time active user here. Just a thought, IIRC the 82/282 does not fully utilise the scap, so it may be worth trying a switch in due course with hcap on pre and scap on snaxo. Others may have wider experience, I have only used scaps on both pre and snaxo. (There is another diagram which i can post, just posted the one to match your question.)

edit - you may know this, but if you wish to use scap with snaxo, putting hcap on pre, you will need the 16pin lead from scap to snaxo, which the other (not shown) diagram terms a 16pin snaic, but which is I think now known as a burndy!

As others have reported previously, the PS for the snaxo is one of the most important parts of an active system. My scap is deliberately the most isolated ps box in my racks (all fraims). If space is a premium try moving the boxes around to get the best result.


Reading this, it sounds like to get the best out of the system is to swap the power supplies around;

  • SuperCap to SNAXO 242

  • HiCap to NAC 282

Can it be explained why this is so, as I’m don’t fully understand the reasons for this.



Active systems do I think require a little more than plug and play.
I read much here and post infrequently, believing others are better qualified to offer an opinion. However active is not widely used it seems. Hence I acknowledged that posts have been made on active threads. I have tried the suggestions and am delighted in the results, ordering longer i/cs where necessary to get an optimum separation.

IIRC the scap is more fully used via the burndy supplying the snaxo. 82/282 doesn’t use a burndy, when connected to a scap, so only part of the scap is used. Scap > snaxo then more of the supply rails are used. (With a 252 for example, a supercap does use a burndy connection.) @Richard.Dane will no doubt explain better than I.

Ultimately, with the variables of your own setup like room, shelves for the various boxes and how far you can keep the boxes apart, you may have to listen to each option, to determine which config best suits you.

It is a long time since I had an 82. I moved from hcap to scap when the opportunity arose, as a stepping stone to a 252. There have been threads comparing hcap, 2 x hcap and scap, mostly in passive systems. IIRC there was not a universal view that scap on a 82 / 282 was the best outcome.
Hope that helps, realising it’s a faff to keep moving things and not always practical, but listening tests will reveal the best combo.


So, to clarify the connections, if I use the SuperCap on the SNAXO 242 and the HiCap on the NAC 282 are as below;


  • Large Power and Inputs Socket (Burndy) to SNAXO PSU and inputs Socket (power and signal)


  • Socket 4 to NAC282 Upgrade or Link 1 Socket (power and signal)

  • Socket 3 to SuperCap Socket 3 (signal)

Thanks in advance for clarifying