Hicap socket corrosion

Good evening guys.
I am keeping eyes open for a Hicap for my 102/180.
Recently acquired NAPSC which already makes a difference, so not in a rush for the Hicap.
Just seen one at good price, but the socket that would connect to the 102 looks corroded.
Would this be useable in the short term, or need an immediate service with socket replacement.
Could it be a sign of bigger complications inside the Hicap?
Thanks for input.

That just looks like it is on the surface of the plastic. Dins are self cleaning so a quick plug/unplug a few times and all should be fine.

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I’d agree, looks like plastic degredation rather than electrical contacts. When it is next due for a service, get it changed.

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Thanks guys. Then am pulling the trigger on Hicap.
With my newly acquired NAPSC and Harmonix X-DC10 the 102/180 is already sounding pretty good.
Can’t wait to see what the Hicap does :grin:

Loos to me like UV bleaching / degradation just on the surface of the plastic insulators - if so, then nothing to worry about.

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